The 5 Best Cars for Winter Weather

The 5 Best Cars for Winter Weather

Canadian winters are something to behold. Regardless of how you feel about the season, there's one thing most people can agree on: it can be daunting to drive in. However, it can be way less intimidating if you know you drive a car that can handle the winter weather well. All-wheel drive, engine block heaters, to heated mirrors - these are just some features to consider when shopping for your next winterized vehicle. Based on safety ratings and comfort features, here are the top five vehicles to own for driving in winter weather. 

1. Subaru Outback

Ever wish your car had the tenacity of a sled dog? Look no further than the Subaru Outback. There’s a reason why Subaru has the reputation that it does. This car is equipped with standard symmetrical all-wheel drive that gives you the stability you need to trek across slippery landscapes. With high ground clearance, a robust boxer engine, and exceptional fuel economy, the Outback is perfect for anyone who refuses to let a little ice get in their way. Even if the Outback isn’t really your style, any Subaru vehicle offers the same all-wheel drive feature, making even its sedans a reliable option for wintery roads. 

subaru-gde2b8bbe0_1280.jpgImage by Mike from Pixabay

2. Ford F-150

For those who believe in the mantra 'go big or go home,' the Ford F-150 is the way to go. Its 4WD system, combined with off-road capabilities and a beast of an engine, provides the power you need to blast through blizzards. It offers a safer option given its size and a wider scope of vision due to its height. And let's be honest, there's something just plain fun about driving a pickup truck through a snow-covered landscape.

grill-g7a11e724e_1280.jpgImage by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

3. Volvo XC90

Next on the list is the Volvo XC90. Not only does it have one of the highest safety ratings in its class, but it also comes with many features that make it perfect for winter driving. It offers an advanced all-wheel-drive system, blind-spot monitoring, heated seats, and the luxury of a heated steering wheel. With the XC90, you can stay comfortable without worrying about the drive. 

Volvo_XC90_II_IMG_5738.jpgPhoto by Alexander Migl on Wikimedia Commons

4. Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery isn't just built for style; it boasts a high standard of safety and comfort that proves it's made to take on the winter weather. Equipped with an exceptional Terrain Response system and all-wheel drive, this vehicle effortlessly adapts to the frosty conditions, providing stability as you drive. It's also fitted with Cold Climate Pack, a luxury package that includes heated seats, windshield, and steering wheel. Not to mention, the Discovery's high ground clearance allows you to handle deep snow like a snowmobile on fresh powder. 

land-rover-g225c22109_1280.jpgImage by Public Co from Pixabay


5. Jeep Grand Cherokee

When it comes to tackling icy roads, the Jeep Grand Cherokee handles the task with as much grace as a figure skater. Equipped with Jeep’s signature Selec-Terrain Traction Management System and Quadra-Drive II (a 4WD system), the Grand Cherokee is ready for any road regardless of the amount of snowfall. The heated seats and steering wheel ensures a sense of comfort on the inside, while its muscular frame and rock-solid capabilities make it the automotive personification of an arctic explorer. In short, Jeep Grand Cherokee makes winter driving not just manageable, but enjoyable.

automobile-g9b6ffa48c_1280.jpgImage by Pexels from Pixabay

Whether you’re looking for something sleek and stylish or rugged and robust, there’s a winter vehicle out there for you. Take on the wintery weather conditions in style with any of the five listed above, and in no time you’ll be doing laps around those stuck in the snow! 


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