This is What Happens When Bad Drivers Get Instant Karma

This is What Happens When Bad Drivers Get Instant Karma


Is there anything more frustrating than a bad driver? It's galling that the majority of road ragers get away without punishment, but every now and then, karma smiles down on the freeway and instantly punishes anyone stupid enough to be risking the lives of others while behind the wheel. Here are some true stories of terrible drivers that received instant karma.

Loudspeaker Punishment


It was night time and it was raining really hard. This guy in a Mustang runs a red light and immediately gets pulled over by a squad car. Over the loudspeaker the cop ordered the driver to get out of the vehicle and put their hands on the roof of the car which the guy does.

Then, nothing. The cop just left him there for about 30 seconds getting soaked by the rain, then used the loudspeaker again.

"Next time you run a red light during a storm, don't do it right in front of a cop, genius." Then he just drove away. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

Bait and Switch


I witnessed a police officer, fully marked unit get tailgated by some guy in a Hyundai, the cop moves over a lane, the Hyundai passes him and he promptly gets back over behind him lights on. It was glorious to watch. Story credit: Reddit / TheAwesomeAuston

A Reason To Go Slow


I was driving along the highway at the speed limit and some idiot was tailgating me. Eventually he illegally overtook me and the car in front.

What he didn't realise was that the reason I was strictly adhering to the limit was that car in front of me was a police car. Bloke got pulled right over. Story credit: Reddit / shadowaway

Time to Go to Work


I was in some heavy traffic going into an event center, I noticed a squad car sitting on the median making sure people weren't doing stupid stuff. Right as we are getting up to where the squad was some idiot cuts across 2 lanes of traffic (cutting me off) and going into a drive with a "do not enter" sign.

All of this right in front of a marked squad car. I made eye contact with the officer as he put down his coffee and flipped on his blues. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]


A Lesson in Safety


At a traffic accident once I was directing traffic, waving the on round the roundabout because they couldn't go straight on as the accident was completely blocking that road up ahead.

One car pulls up to a stop directly in front of me, and the driver opens his window to ask something. He's completely blocked me now from the view of the traffic, so I move to the side and just shout "I'm sorry, I can't stop to discuss anything, the roads closed, move off the roundabout".

He drives a few metres forward blocking me again, shouting through his window. I don't catch everything he says, but it includes at the end something like an angry "why can't you just stop to speak to the people you are meant to be serving".

A car then promptly rear ends him, as he was blocking them from seeing me, and they didn't expect him to stop dead on an otherwise clear roundabout.

"That's why". I made sure when I wrote it up the insurance companies would know who to blame. Story credit: Reddit / StopFightingTheDog

Highway To The School Zone


Had a suspect fly through a school zone at 103 MPH. Needless to say he instantly hit the brakes when he saw my cruiser at the corner.

The high school where this man was speeding is split into two campuses. In between those two areas is a crosswalk that runs between a major street. The street is about 3 miles long.

I still have no idea why they never went through on installing a pedestrian bridge. Multiple schools janitors have been hit on their golf carts. Story credit: Reddit / Yourm0m_121

Not Real


I'm a Border Patrol Agent near a few two lane highways, with limited opportunities to pass due to all the hills and curves.

I will regularly pull over old people driving motor homes at 45 mph in 65 mph zones. The reason being is they have a line of 20+ vehicles behind them trying to pass them.

One couple I pulled over were particularly mad they got pulled over. When I told them there was line of cars behind them trying to pass, they got all huffy and told me I wasn't a "Real cop." Their records came back clean so I sent them on their way.

About 20 minutes later I see them on the side of the road, with smoke billowing out the back of their camper. Me and another Agent pulled in behind to help them. As I pulled the fire extinguisher out of my car the old lady passenger was like "Help, he dropped his cigarette in the back!"

I went in the back of the trailer to help the old man battling the blaze. I managed to put out most of the fire inside, but it had caught the insulation or something, so the fire was on the outside of the camper too.

The old man asked if I would give him a hand with it. I said "I don't know, I'm not a real fire fighter." Story credit: Reddit / grachuss

One-Two Punch


Driving through central Nevada on a 2 lane highway, leaving Beatty, I was taking a sweeping right hand turn, when a new-ish Camaro with a very distinctive set of stickers on the rear window passed on the left (after crossing a double yellow line)

And (1) nearly was involved in a head-on collision with a semi coming the opposite direction and (2) nearly collided with the front of my car when he swerved back into my lane.

In that part of Nevada the towns are roughly 60 miles apart. The next town is Goldfield, a notorious speed trap. About 5 miles outside (south) of Goldfield, lo and behold, the Camaro is pulled over. (Thank you NHP).

About a half mile after I passed them, the NHP officer was apparently done giving them their speeding ticket. Camaro was clearly mad, and, once he was far enough away, he really took off, and in about 5 miles made up at least half or 3/4 of a mile (and I was doing about 80).

Again, he crossed the double yellow line and passed me on a blind corner. When he passed me, and was swerving to avoid another high speed head on collision for another illegal pass, he apparently missed the fact that the speed limit dropped from 75 to 25 in about a quarter mile.

County cop was sitting just past the 25 mph sign with a radar gun, and nailed him going at least 80 in a 25. Story credit: Reddit / seaburno

Sweet Justice


So there I was driving along merrily. I had just dropped my older son off at school and had my youngest in the back. All of a sudden some jerk comes sliding into the front driver's side of my truck. Just slams right into it. He stops, I stop.

I'm shaking, completely freaked out and checking on my son. He was okay. So, I look over at Mr. Can'tdrive and kinda stare at him for a bit trying to get my brain to work. Then! The jerk backs up and drives off. My mouth hung open. I was shocked. A hit and run.

However, when the cop arrived he walks up to my window grinning. Grinning and holding a license plate that jerk had left behind. Sweet justice!

He didn't get away with it. My truck got fixed. All was well. Story credit: Reddit / Bunnymcslayer

Unexpected Taxi


It was a dark and rainy November afternoon. I was crewed in an unmarked police car with my fave partner for this late shift which we were only an hour into. We were stationary, stuck in rush hour traffic just trading the usual insults to each other when wham! Rear ended by a taxi.

If the face on the driver wasn't sweet enough when we switched on the blues his fare told the officer who took their details that the cabbie was on his phone at the time he hit us and wasn't looking ahead he was fiddling with the radio.

Still have some muscle spasms in my back every now and again from that even though it was five years ago. He got hit pretty heavy with fines at court. We got a stopover in hospital and a little compo. Story credit: Reddit / shoulders_UK


Highway Ballerina


Driving on a highway at night in the fast lane. Going faster than most of the traffic, but guy coming up behind me is flying. I start looking for a spot to move over but the road is busy and I just can't.

He comes up behind me and starts honking and flashing me, but I'm waiting for a spot and still haven't found one. Finally get room to move into the middle lane and as he passes I just give him a head shake because he's being a knob. Well doesn't like that.

Moves into the middle lane, slows down just to inconvenience me, won't let me pass. Gets impatient with that and goes flying off. Well in his desire to focus on me, he didn't see a cop pull onto the highway just a little ways ahead of him.

Passes the cop without realizing it, and the lights immediately flip on. I felt like justice was served. Story credit: Reddit / IceWook

Playing the Long Game


Local cops had a scam - they put a 45mph limit sign on an interstate where the limit was 55 ( late 1970's). And would pull over out of state cars- ticket plus a cash "bond". Want to see the judge ? Sure , he's my brother in law...

Cop pulls over a mid 20's black man driving a nice sedan with out of state plates. The young man comments that this is illegal. He is invited (in cuffs) to see the judge. The judge fined him $50. He refuses. The judge sentences him to 5 days in jail. No phone call, no lawyer, nothing.

5 days later the young man leaves. And returns a week later with a number of his co-workers. And arrest warrants for the sheriff and the judge.

The young man was an FBI agent en route to his new assignment. Oops. Story credit: Reddit / cbelt3

You Can't Do Anything


I'm a UK police officer. On patrol a kid decided to Wheely his bike past me saying "haha you can't do anything isabsjabakgheka"as he falls off the bike.

I walk over help him up and say "Well that was silly wasn't it? Oh and speaking of doing nothing heres a ticket don't worry I'll give you the rest of the paper work later when I tell your mum how much of a prat you are"

In the UK you can issue something called a section 59 warning notice. Which essentially a warning when someone drives in an unsafe and anti social manner. If you get two your vehicle gets taken away from you :) you can either put them the vehicle or person. Story credit: Reddit / Grootsmyspiritanimal

That Was Me


My cop dad's story... Riding his motorbike down a highway (didn't specify where).

Someone starts changing lanes right beside him and forces him off the road. He catches their license plate as they drive off like nothing happened.

Next day he tracks them down via plate and confronts them about the situation ("did you hit a motorcycle on highway xyz yesterday?"). They deny all claims. He hands them the fine.

"That was me." I wish I had seen their face. Story credit: Reddit / Shellular

Perfect Timing


Driving rush hour on the freeway through some California town. Best friend in the passenger seat, her five-year-old-nephew in the back.

Traffic is already over the limit but tightly packed. Stupid decides he wants to go even faster.

Cuts in front of me, I have to slam the brakes to not get my front bumper taken off. Ten seconds later, flashing police lights on the side.

Friend and I cheer cop as we drive past him and stupid driver. Story credit: Reddit / quilladdiction

You Can't Run a Train's Red Light


Stopped at a red light near a railroad. If a train is passing, it stays red. Simple.

We're on a curve and a hill, so I can see the problem. An older gentleman about 3 cars back could not, and decided to pass us. About 5 cars. At a redlight, blocked by a train.

Well, the red light marks an intersection, right in front of the city hall/police station. Did I mention this was right about lunch time?

He breezes through the light, followed by 3-4 flashing lights. Gotta say, made the 5 minute or so wait on the train amazing, because I got to watch them chew this guy out. Story credit: Reddit / SSLOdd1




Doing 60mph and 2 lanes merging into one. Some fool in a BMW M5 comes flying up on me like a madman but I just kept driving as he didn't make it to the merge before me. Watched him smash into the curb and drive off the road. Story credit: Reddit / spare_parts_bot

Poor Timing


Guy in a big jacked up bright yellow pickup Truck is tailgaiting my roomate and I so hard I can't even see his headlights in my rearview mirror anymore.

After about 1 block of this he decides enough is enough and pulls out into the left hand turn lane and passes us IN THE MIDDLE OF AN intersection right in front of a cop that was waiting in the cross street.

The Red and Blues came on right as we got through the interection and I calmly pulled out of the cops way. When they guy pulled over the cop pulled right behind him and almost sprinted up to the guys truck yelling at him. Made my week! Story credit: Reddit / Ryelen

Chief Witness


Car jumped a stop sign, immediately T-boned them windshield shatters and everyone is rattled but okay. The other driver opens their door and 2 empty beer cans fall out onto the road.

The driver behind us (witness) gets out and says to me "today is your lucky day" to which I answered with a blank stare and he says "I'm the chief of police and there's no way you could have stopped". Story credit: Reddit / unusuallyuglyoctopus

Also Batman Was There For Some Reason?


Not a police officer, but saw someone get busted for doing something stupid:

I was driving on the highway to work, in the left lane going with traffic about 75 mph in a 55 mph. All of a sudden this jerk gets in the left shoulder lane and speeds past me, as if I wasn't going fast enough.

I was just thinking to myself "You jerk, I hope a cop busts your butt". About 10 seconds later I see a cop pull out of the side of the road and do exactly that. Man, that felt so good to see.

Side note, I also saw a millionaire who often dressed like Batman drive in his Batmobile that day. My day was already made from the cop, but seeing that made my day twice as good :) Story credit: Reddit / xXBarthXx

Honk if You Want to Go Safer


I was driving home from the gym at night down a two lane road. There's a car on the side road to the left that turns left in front of me with barely any room so I slam on my brakes and honk at them.

Then cop lights turn on behind me and I thought I was getting pulled over but he went around me and got behind the guy who cut me off. Story credit: Reddit / KretzKid

Another Kind of Accident


This happened to my cop buddy years ago. He was about 6'6" and on the SWAT team. Real nice guy but you would not want to mess with him.

He's driving home from work in his personal car. A small sports car. Behind him is a 20-something moron who keeps riding his bumper, backing off, then speeding up to ride his bumper. All in packed rush-hour traffic on a 3-lane freeway.

He's watching all this in his rear-view, and he's waiting for the inevitable. Sure enough, moron hits him.

So they pull off to the shoulder, and Jim is just sitting in his car. Moron gets out of his redneck-mobile, shouting and cussing and threatening to kick his butt. Just before he gets to the car, Jim gets out. He unfolds himself and stands at his full 6'6", still wearing full black tactical gear, and just stares at him.

Moron literally peed himself. Story credit: Reddit / ecafsub


The Fast and the Funeral


Was driving in a funeral procession for my grandmother. There were about 30 cars in total. As we are driving down a two lane road a guy pulls into the oncoming lane and proceeds to pass all of us doing about 30 mph over the speed limit.

And when he reaches the front he realizes there are two motorcycle cops leading the procession, blocking traffic on side streets as we go.

One pulls the guy over. When we passed him the cop had his finger about an inch from the impatient drivers nose and is obviously shouting at the top of his lungs. Made a whole bunch of mourners very happy. Story credit: Reddit / OozeNAahz

Old Man Lecture


I'm a traffic cop, one time I was directing traffic around the scene of an accident when a cyclist decided to blow through my intersection. He gets posterized by some Honda Accord and naturally I prepare for this mess.

Before either myself or the cyclist could process what happened an older gentleman started reaming him out while he is still on the ground informing him that: He saw him run the stop sign; He's lucky he didn't damage the car; He's an idiot and that he should say nothing and be thankful.

This gentleman in his 70's said everything I couldn't say and then some. Story credit: Reddit / SJU_W4r_H4wk



I work in transportation, one time I was helping direct traffic at an area we had a water main break. So I got two lanes going to one behind me, so I'd let one lane go for a bit, stop the let the other lane go.

About 20 cars back I can see this jerk in a BMW hopping back and forth to whatever lane I'm allowing to go. So he's finally creeped his way up to second in lane, I'm letting the lane next to him go and he tries to cut over on someone.

The moment he does I put my hand up and stop him, and let the other lane go, hahaha he was infuriated I could see it in his eyes.

He then tried to get over into the lane I was allowing to go and I got to give him the ol' "you're going nowhere" look.

When he finally did get to go he stared me down as he drove by lol! Story credit: Reddit / Krickles88

Fist Bump


I'm sitting at a red light in the left-hand travel lane. To my left is the left turn lane. Lane splitting between those two lanes, and on my left is a Tucson PD Motorcycle officer patiently waiting the green.

Which comes. He is making the motions to proceed but hasn't moved yet when this utter jerk comes blasting through the cross street, blowing his red, at like 60 miles an hour. The speed limit is 35. I gape as the guy races through the Intersection.

The cop and I exchange a shocked glance. He holds out his fist, the one that was on the throttle a moment ago, we fist bump, and he flips on his lights and siren and takes off after the guy.

It was glorious. Story credit: Reddit / dramboxf

Red Means Stop


Where I live, people tend to run red lights fairly often. I was sitting at a red light in rush hour traffic heading home, first in line.

The oncoming lanes have a green light for left turns. The light turns yellow, then red and someone runs it just after my light turns green to go straight. I go forwards, and stop in the middle of the intersection because they're about to hit me. I lay on the horn. They continue turning left.

As I'm leaving the intersection, I spot red and blue lights in my mirror. There was a cop right behind me at the light and he went after the bad driver. Pretty sure he got a big ticket. Story credit: Reddit / wall-fi

The Long and Winding Road


I was once driving on a very curvy road doing the speed limit. There was a car totally riding me and trying very hard to pass/ get me to speed up, though the road was incredibly bendy, you could not see oncoming traffic, and the line was solid.

He had been tailing me really close for a few minutes when he decided to go for it and pass me while we were on a bend.

Apparently there was an unmarked car right behind him. As soon as this guy passed me the cop was on him and pulled him over immediately. Story credit: Reddit / totibaba

Stay in School


Husband had some instant karma the other day. School zone, guy pulls up and passes doing double the limit. Cop at the end of the zone. Story credit: Reddit / Kooky_kanooa

Honk Alert


I was at a four way intersection where two four lane roads intersect, and on the road I'm on there is one left turn lane, the middle lane which goes straight or turns, and the right lane which goes straight.

I stop at the light that yellow as I approached it, knowing it'd be red long before I clear the intersection. The BMW behind me guns it into the right lane, then makes a left turn on the now red light in front me.

I laid on my horn, causing the cop on the intersecting road that I could see fine in my truck but the BMW could not see to look up. Queue lights, siren, and a quick U-turn for the cop. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

Jingle All the Way


It was the last few days before Christmas so the freeways were packed. People were eager to get to the stores to do their shopping on the way home, so eager that every day my commute home encountered at least one accident on the freeway that snarled up traffic.

I'm crawling in the left-most lane and a car bulled his way in front of me. No signals, just took advantage of the reasonable following distance I was giving the car in front of me in the stop-and-go traffic.

I was alert, but I had to tap my brakes, peeping in my mirror to judge the distance between me the police car behind me.

Then the guy who cut me off, swerved over and crossed the double yellow lines to get into the HOV lane. I'd seen that sort of thing before and found myself wishing there had been a highway patrol officer around to witness this.

The lights behind me came on immediately. Traffic stopped in the HOV lane and the highway patrol car entered the lane. I might have smiled as I watched in my rear view mirror as the the officer begin to escort the other vehicle off the freeway.

It was going to be quite a trip to cross all that traffic and he was probably already in a hurry. Story credit: Reddit / jaidit

Escaping Entrapment


So there is an unmarked police car that patrols where I live. Everyone in the car scene knows exactly which car it is because of the reg, it's pretty famous as a matter of fact.

Anyway, the car in question looks just like a slightly modified car, and the policeman that drives it uses this to his advantage. What he does is, if he sees a modified car he will drive along side it and try to entice him to race.

When the other car takes the bait and tries to race the police car, the policeman pulls him over and gives him a ticket. Anyway, one day he pulls along side a modified car that just so happens to not have a registration plate on because he had just been to a car show.

So the policeman tries to get him to race. The guy in the modified car knew it was the unmarked police car and knew he didn't have his reg on.

So what does he do? He floors it. After a few seconds the unmarked car was just a little speck in his rear view mirror. He never got caught. Story credit: Reddit / FL-EtcherSKETCH

The Annoyance Punishment


I'm a cop. When I see someone driving like a jerk I like to get behind them and activate my lights and siren. I'll order them to turn on the next street or take the next off ramp and as they make the turn I will continue going wherever I was going. Story credit: Reddit / 45calhp



Driving on highway in Texas, where the highway patrol LOVE their unmarked vehicles that you would never expect to be a cop. I'm talking the Chevy Malibu, the new Ford Mustang fastback (GT version, but no GT badge), etc.

Anyway, we were in the fast lane (70 mph speed limit) and this Malibu is doing 55. My dad proceeds to drive up close to him in an effort to persuade him to move over.

After about a minute of doing this, the car flicks his lights on for about 2 seconds to make us back off, but he blew his cover doing this. He immediately moves over and gets off at the next exit to regain his cover. Story credit: Reddit / Windows_Tech_Support

That Was Really Stupid


One night, the wife and I were coming back from dinner. We got off the freeway at our exit, which had a leisurely 180-degree ramp down to a T-intersection at the bottom with a light.

The intersection was empty, but the light was red, so we waited for it to change. The guy behind us, though, was impatient (he'd been chewing out bumper all the way down the ramp).

Instead of waiting, he angrily zipped into the right-turn lane next to us, then proceeded to turn left from the right-turn lane on a red light, aiming to then U-turn onto the freeway entrance next to us.

He didn't get that far. As soon as he crossed into the intersection, two things happened: first, my rear-view mirror exploded in red and blue as the cop who'd been behind him lit up his lights.

Second, the cop flipped on his loudspeaker as he pulled around us, and we heard, "*crackle* THAT WAS REALLY STUPID."

We waited politely for the light to change, enjoying the spectacle of him getting pulled over, before driving home laughing. Story credit: Reddit / castillar

Where's a Cop When You Need One?


Driving to work during rush hour, going the speed limit and go to change lanes. Check my rear view mirror and I see this pickup going about 60 kmh over the speed limit coming up fast so I swerve back to my lane.

I'm thinking where's a cop when you need one when a police car shows up on the on ramp behind the pickup but the pickup has slowed to a stop at a traffic light and the cops didn't see the speeding.

The pickup driver decided he wouldn't wait for the cars in front to clear the light so he drives on the sidewalk to make a right hand turn. The cherries come on and the cops pull him over. Put a smile on my face! Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

The Lookout


Was driving from Houston to San Antonio several years ago. Anyone who has been along I-10 knows that Luling is notorious for their....over-diligent cops.

Anyway I-10 is a nice, yet rather boring drive. 4 lanes separated by a wide grass median that usually had a barrier running along, especially by towns.

For about 10 miles headed towards Luling, this guy in a PT cruiser was absolutely riding my bumper. There were NO other cars around, why he didn't go into the left lane to pass completely escapes me. As we get to Luling, I slow down.

It's a 75 mph zone and, if memory serves me right, it slows down to 70 or 65 through Luling. This dude goes ape, flashing lights and everything before he finally jerks over into the next lane and floors it.

He never noticed the cop sitting on the hill that overlooks a good portion of traffic going in and out of Luling. It's a dead end road up there but that cop wasn't there to pull people over himself. He simple radios in which car to pull over to his buddies waiting down below.

As soon as I crested the hill myself, I could see those glorious red and blue lights sitting there all pretty behind a very disgruntled PT cruiser. I waved as I drove past them.

Don't speed through small towns in Texas. Story credit: Reddit / redneckgeek5192

Gotta Go Slow


Car was going EXTREMELY slow in the left lane. Way under the speed limit.

Highway Patrol unit got behind them, turned on its lights as if it was pulling them over, and then once the car was in the farthest right lane, the officer shut off the lights and sped off. One of the funniest things I've ever seen while driving. Story credit: Reddit / throwaway4noreasons



This car was weaving through traffic, even cut me off at one point. He was in the far left lane and suddenly he cut across the entire freeway to exit onto another freeway, no turn signal or anything.

Behind me I see another set of headlights dart across the freeway towards the exit. Looked over as the car passed me, and it was a state trooper. Story credit: Reddit / throwaway4noreasons

Ask and Ye Shall Receive


My husband is a cop, he made a little joke the other day that backfired. He pulled over a guy and asked him for his pilot's license (flying a little low, aren't you?).

Anyway, the guy reaches in his wallet and hands him a pilot's license. Story credit: Reddit / 2muchyarn



Once while I was on my lunch hour, I went over to a little park to eat outside since it was nice out.

There was a cop car sitting in the park's parking lot waiting on speeders, though I didn't notice until after I'd parked. I thought it would look weirder to see him, get back in the car, and go somewhere else, so I just nodded to him and went over to one of the picnic benches to eat.

It's just a little park in a residential neighborhood, so the picnic benches were pretty close to the road.

I'd finished and thrown out my trash and was just reading my book or messing with my phone or something when a car of college-age idiots pulled up to the curb to catcall me for having the gall to be a fat chick sitting out in public.

They roared off, the cop peeled out of the lot right after them with lights flashing, and I laughed and laughed. Story credit: Reddit / maplecheese



When I was still on probation as a newbie cop I'm driving around in an unmarked unit with my field training officer. FTO has been talking about pros and cons of unmarked units, mostly pros.

We're sitting at a light behind a mustang when a sports bike comes up. Mustang revs its engine a few times, biker revs his engine a few times. FTO just staring at them with the biggest grin on his face.

Light turns green and the mustang launches, the biker takes off too. FTO hits the lights and sirens, mustang immediately slams on its brakes and the biker is looking back (while still accelerating forward).

Biker looks back forward, probably thinking he's in the clear to take off, and a car is merging into his lane. He couldn't decelerate fast enough and ended dumping the bike, skidding a good 60 feet.

No major injures, transported to local hospital to remove gravel from his skin. Both were cited for unlawful speed, tire screeching, reckless endangerment, failure to use due care, and street racing. Story credit: Reddit / Geornp

Crunchy T-bone


I'm on a 4 lane road with a painted median. I'm in the left lane because the right lane feeds onto a freeway. Left lane is backed up and a car facing the other way is in the median trying to turn left.

I see a line of cars coming in the right lane to get on the freeway and my light is going to turn green so I can move up, but it isn't green yet.

I don't leave room for the guy to turn left when I stop the car. He flips out, rolls down his window, honking, yelling at me, gesturing. I move up because the light cycles and some cars make it through the light.

Person further back leaves room for the guy to turn left, guy slams on the gas annnndd gets T-boned from a car in the right lane getting on the freeway. And then I made it through the next light and was on my way. Story credit: Reddit / OPs_other_username

Fair Trade


I was riding along on the interstate at about 75 and an unmarked State Police car pulled in behind me. I knew I was about to get a ticket, but before I even had time to think, some woman in a BMW passed us both.

I looked in the rearview and he had the most surprised look on his face. He pulled up even with me and pointed at me and started laughing really hard. I was highly amused also, he sped on and pulled the BMW over and I honked the horn as I drove by Story credit: Reddit / Northsidebill1

Cheer Squad


As a kid who took the bus to and from school every day, I saw plenty of schoolbus-related rule breakers. One frequent example was of cars that wouldn't acknowledge a stop sign that swings out from the side of a school bus. This sign allows children to cross roads safely.

On one glorious occasion, as the sign swung out and assumed a visible position, a bright red car swerved a bit to the left to avoid the sign and zoomed past it. The road we were on was very busy and in the middle of town, meaning cars and pedestrians were everywhere.

One of the nearby cars was a police car.

Its lights began shining brightly and the sirens roared along with the cheers of those of us who remained on the bus. The police stopped the car that had endangered our lives, and we screamed out of delight for justice as we passed them.

One of the officers tipped his hat towards the bus and winked. In that moment, we believed him to be the greatest being on Earth.

The driver of the car that had wrongfully passed us likely received no less than a $500 fine and the loss of several demerit points. He also gets to remember the victory cries of about twenty or so kids on a bus. Story credit: Reddit / weatherstorm



I once witnessed a guy going WAY over the speed limit on the highway fly up on the tail of a MARKED police car who was traveling in the slow lane. Driver started tailgating and flicking his brights at the cop. He then proceeded to down shift, and fly around said cop, almost hitting another driver.

The cop, apparently in utter disbelief, took a solid 3-5 seconds to turn on his brights and pull the guy over. The cop was standing at the driver's side door shaking his head by the time I caught up to them a few miles down the road. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

Making a Brake For It


I was driving down a busy road when this guy in a really big pickup truck started tailgating me. He was flashing lights, the whole nine yards. I was in the right lane and couldn't get over as an eighteen wheeler was in the next lane and I couldn't go faster as there was traffic in front of me.

I slowed down so the truck in the next lane could go ahead of me, and I got behind it. The pickup moved forward and then I got behind him. He began brake checking me hard and flipping me off.

I got in front of the big truck, and the pickup guy swerved in front of me and brake checked me again. Next thing I know, a police car pulls up next to him and pulls him over. It was nice. Story credit: Reddit / wrenken1

Whisper Quiet


Walking down the sidewalk I passed a marked cop car that would have been visible to anyone for quite a long ways. I approach the crosswalk next to the cop car, as I wait for traffic to stop (they have to) the lane closest to me stop so I start to cross;

The Prius in the left lane however speeds up to probably try and beat me (I'm in the road at this point), car flies past almost running over my toes.

Cop car takes off after this guy, I step onto the center reservation as the cop passes behind me. Look back at the other drivers who both shake their heads as we watch the cop pull the Prius over. Story credit: Reddit / PFreeman008

At the Border


I was driving home from work one evening, when this woman starts riding my bumper. I sped up, now doing ~45 in a 35, but apparently that's not fast enough for her.

I passed a cop, whom I noticed turning around in my rearview. I held my breath as I crossed the bridge out of his jurisdiction (into my town) and watched him pull her over. Story credit: Reddit / that1newjerseyan

Tail Riding


My mom and I were driving on a New Mexico two lane highway once. The speed limit was slower than most highways, like 60 or so. There were quite a few cars ahead of us and this jeep ridding our tail.

We were all already going like 65 so idk what his deal was. The jeep decides to try and pass us and all of the cars in front us. What he didn't know was there was a cop a few cars up that my mom and I already saw.

So as soon as he pulls into the other lane and starts speeding up, I got excited knowing what was about to happen. And sure enough, the jeep slams on his breaks as soon as he saw the cop but it was too late. The cop turned his lights on and slowed down to allow jeep in in front of him and pulls him over.

It was awesome. I hate when people ride my tails when I'm already going over the speed limit. It makes it worth it though when they get pulled over for it. Story credit: Reddit / Laceylolbug


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