People From Around The World Share Wild Bachelorette Party Stories

People From Around The World Share Wild Bachelorette Party Stories

Bachelorette parties are a right of passage: They are the bride's last hurrah, so to speak, before becoming officially wed. They are the perfect time for the bridal party to get together and let loose, to enjoy themselves after months of stressful planning and preparing. Some brides opt for a calm, relaxing spa day as a way to treat her friends. Others choose to go the more traditional, chaotic route of a certain beverage-infused vacation, whether it be to a tropical island or somewhere like Vegas.

When you get a group of women together to go out for a good time, there are bound to be some memorable moments. However, you add in drinks, some "inappropriate" decorations, and the looming marriage of the bride, and it's bound to get to a next-level of crazy. Just take it from these women who recently shared some of the craziest things they've seen on a bachelorette party.


56. Don't Touch Me

I went out to dinner with some friends and there was a bachelorette at a nearby table. they were loud, obnoxious and trying to feel up the wait staff. Pretty inappropriate behavior, really, but at least nothing for us to be concerned about.

I step outside for some air between courses, suddenly I'm set upon by 5-6 members of the bachelorette party. A very touchy little aggressive bridesmaid actually assaulted me and put her tongue in my ear. That's where I had enough and lost my temper. The bride-to-be was very apologetic but still... not cool.

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55. Wolf In The Henhouse

This isn’t going to be anywhere near as horrific as what I’m sure most people will have to say here, but my friend invited an absolute scumbag to her hen party about 7 years ago.

The scumbag lady... her reputation was that she was trash, but she showed up like a different person and was actually very nice the whole night. She was on her best behavior, buying rounds of drinks, showing a genuine interest in conversations, the whole works. She even offered to look after the coats and bags while we got up to dance.

Halfway through the first song, we all turned around to find her rifling through everyone’s belongings. She locked eyes with us while she had one hand full of bank notes and the other full of someone’s smokes.

She wasn’t invited to the wedding.

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54. This One Actually Involves A Smart Decision

Had a friend hit $250k on a $5 slot machine at a Shreveport casino on her bachelorette party two weeks before the ceremony.

With her newfound wealth, she decided to ask her fiancé to sign a prenup. He refused. He had referred to it as "our money" from the first moment he heard the good news.

And so, she walked away.

Everyone hated her for it. She was practically excommunicated from all our social circles.

10 years later and her ex-fiancé has filed bankruptcy twice. In hindsight, she made the right decision.

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53. Was His Stage Name Willy Wonka?

At a bachelorette party where the stripper dipped his junk in chocolate and went around to each women expecting someone to give it a taste. Everyone refused.

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52. The Shaving Cream Sells It

Friend's bachelorette party heads to a cheap dance club, where a particularly sweaty and greased up male exotic dancer takes a drink from the hands of one of the party, puts it on the stage and proceeds to do push-ups, dipping his junk into the drink. He'd also just put shaving cream all over himself for some reason, so there are big blobs of that and a film of grease all floating in this girl's cocktail, that this guy has been dipping his knob in and out of. Then she takes it and downs it in one, and licks around the inside of the glass. I nearly threw up.

I know you would expect it to be whipped cream he was rubbing on himself but unfortunately, it was definitely shaving cream -- I distinctly saw him bring out a can of Gillette and spray it all over his chest and crotch

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51. At Least It Happened Before The Wedding

A family friend had his bachelor party the same night his fiancee had her bachelorette party, two weeks before the wedding. Around midnight, the two parties met up and everyone parties together. The best man keeps buying shots for the groom-to-be, who gets falling-down hammered.

The bride-to-be gets upset and worried, so the best man drives the two of them home. My friends passes out on his couch and wakes up at sunrise to find his bride-to-be and best man hooking up in his bed.

The next time I saw him, I told him he was so lucky that happened. He gave me a startled look. I explained, "This could have happened after you married her."

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50. That's Atlantic City For You

I was in Atlantic City and saw a bachelorette party stumbling around the casinos. The bride (identifiable because she was wearing a sash that said bride-to-be) walked up to this random guy, grabbed his face, and shoved her tongue down his throat. All of her friends cheered her on and then they all stumbled away. I feel horrible for the poor SOB she married.

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49. They Both Got A Tip

We got a male dancer for my best friend's bachelorette a few years ago. He wasn't my type and it was mainly just funny to most of us, but then he offered "private" viewings. One of our crazy friends decided to go for it and ended up hooking up with the guy in the bathroom. I think she gave him an extra tip for that.

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48. The Bald Truth

I'm a man. I was at a club on the beach one night. Cool vibes, had a live band playing. Got a tap on my shoulder and there were 3 or 4 really cute girls behind me. The first one says... "my friend...needs to kiss you." I shrug. Sure, why not? We kiss.

I introduce them to my friends. We party the rest of the night with these girls. Only later do I find out it's a bachelorette party... and the entire incident occurred because they were playing some bachelorette truth or dare card game. The woman was dared to kiss a bald man.

Score one for the baldies.

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47. The First Rule Of A No-Hitter Is You Don't Talk About A No-Hitter

I was at a Red Sox game where the pitcher was one inning from pitching a no-hitter. The ladies of this bachelorette party who were sitting behind me had no idea what in the world was going on, and when they figured it out decided to start screaming all about it.

He gave up a single the next at-bat. I was freaking furious.

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46. Big Baby

No lie: a male dancer dressed as a baby. The most depressing thing you could think of.

Here was this fine Native American dude, long straight hair, body to die for, and smooth brown skin... in footie pajamas and a bonnet. Worst of all, he had a plastic baby bottle.

Worst. Bachelorette. Party. Ever.


45. I Don't Know How You Can Possibly Forgive That

Not me but this happened to my uncle. He was preparing this epic wedding for him and his future wife. He sends her to Spain for 1 week with 5 of her best friends so he can prepare the wedding, and he pays for every single one of them, hotel, food, everything.

The ladies go a bit crazy one night and his soon-to-be-wife hooks up with one of the male dancers. Bad, but standard as nightmare bachelorette party stories go. But it gets worse: she stays in Spain for the next 6 months dating (or whatever) that dancer.

Seeing my uncle heartbroken for the next year or so was awful. He went from marrying the woman he loves, ends up miserable and alone with their child.

In the end, though, they actually got back together. Yesterday I was at their joint birthday party since they both turned 40 years old, been together now for +20 years. This terrible incident happened about 10 years ago. They have two children now, however they aren't married and I'm not sure if that's ever going to happen. He loves this woman and somehow managed to forgive her.

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44. Granny's Panties

My (married) aunt (also a mother of two children) was so done, she grabbed a 21-year-old kid and started making out with him. She told him she needed his undergarments as part of a bachelorette scavenger hunt, and he tells her she can have them if he can have hers. She agrees and they exchange right there.

After adjusting herself, the kid comes back and tells her she "can keep these" and hands her back a pair of old red-stained undergarments. Oops.


43. Give Me Your Underwear

At the last bachelorette party that I went to, one of the girls brought one of those bachelorette party card games, where you draw a card and it tells you what kind of shenanigans you're supposed to get up to. There are things like, "Kiss a red-headed guy!!" or "Dance with a virgin!" and whatever. My card told me to get a stranger to give me his boxers.

At the second bar, achieved my goal. I almost had someone at the first bar who was willing, but he told me he'd only give me his boxers if I gave him my underwear, and I wasn't wearing any. The second guy did it for nothing.

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42. Beth's Mom Takes The Party Way Too Far

Almost ten years ago, a friend from high school got married in the middle of our senior year of college. Her entire bridal party consisted of high school friends but, as we were attending universities around the country, we came back to our hometown for the bachelorette night.

Well, none of us actually lived in our hometown, so we threw the party at a friend's parent's home -- at the home, specifically, of a girl (let's call her Beth) who's mother was notoriously, overly, creepily involved in her daughter's social life (hit on her guy friends, wanted to be bff with her girlfriends, wanted to know who had slept with whom in her group, etc etc.). That said, Beth's parents had graciously promised that they would be out for the night so that the girls could just have some fun.

Now that the scene is set, flash forward to a male dancer arriving late into an evening that involved huge amounts of drinking. What ensued was a dance show, silly music, a ridiculous g-string, you name it. And in walks Beth's mom (without Beth's father), rearing to go and pretending like she was invited all along.

She's grinding with the dancer and drinking up a storm while the rest of us have lost our buzz and are suddenly feeling ready to head out. The dancer casually informs us that he can do "private lap dances" in an upstairs bedroom for an additional fee, should anyone be interested.

The bridal party takes this as a cue and starts packing up to get out when Beth's mom says, "You got a taker right here!" grabs him by the hand and leads him upstairs. They've been gone for about ten minutes when we start to hear the moaning and the bed rocking.

Needless to say, we excused ourselves from Beth's house and went to a bar to finish the night. Beth stayed at home, ostensibly to cheer her mom on. Yikes.

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41. Good Thing Her Family Was There

Well. It was my best friend's (Marie) bachelorette party. Me, Marie, her mom, sister, sister in law, and our friends, went out to eat. Then went dancing downtown. Totally got trashed. Her family were the only ones who were sober. They drove Marie and me.

Marie decided she wanted to go to a bar across town. Then she starting throwing up in her mom's car. All over the floor and herself. We get to this other bar and get her a reusable grocery bag to barf in. I walk like a mile, in my high heels, to go get her a glass of water from the bar.

When I come back everyone is fueious cause Marie won't get out of the car and keeps missing the grocery bag we gave her to throw up in. So I come up to her and tell her "Marie! Come on get out of the car! Now!!" She says, "Omg you're supposed to be my friiiiieeeend." And starts crying. I grab her around the waist (she's a tiny thing) and pull her out of the car and make her sit on the door frame. Once she stops throwing up we decide to just go home.

Well, then I started throwing up. I had enough sense to hang my head out the car window. I probably terrified all of the other drivers. I guess the way the window was made caused Marie's sister in law, who was sitting in the far back seat, to get hit with a fine spray of my vomit. There was a massive swath of vomit along the side of the car. We made it back to Marie's mom's house. They helped us inside.

I went into the shower. I'm super close to Marie's family, but I never wanted them to see me like THAT. I blacked out in the shower. I came to a few times. One of which was everyone helping Marie go to the bathroom. Then someone screamed, "IT'S ON THE FLOOR!!" Someone grabbed toilet paper and picked something up off the floor. Come to find out Marie must have not communicated to her family that she was in the process of pooping. They tried lifting her off the toilet and a turd fell on the floor.

We all went to bed and me and Marie kinda woke up at 7 A.M. I told her about the bathroom incident then. She was mortified. Even more so when she found some evidence under one of her fake nails.



40. Swallowing Her Pride

My ex-girlfriend went out with her friend as she was her bridesmaid. She came home and was like, "Chad, you can't say a word... not a single word of what I'm about to tell you..." to which I happily agreed. I didn't know the couple at all but knew they both made habitually poor decisions.

She proceeds to tell me they went out and partied hard. Her friend was a wealthy trust fund baby and had a prescription medicine "hobby". Anyway, long story short, they end up at a club, some of them go out into an alley to get some air, come back inside and the bride is missing. She'd claimed she was going to the bathroom, never came back. They can't find her anywhere and start to panic. After like 35 minutes she finally turns up, she's slurring speech and all and proceeds to talk about how she was with one of the male entertainers. Long story short, she ended up doing some pretty reprehensible stuff.

The next day, we attended the most ridiculous wedding I've ever seen (rich girl, rich dad, rich friends to impress, black tie, you get the picture) and I cringed when he kissed the bride.


39. Boxing Them Out

I'm a dude, but I witnessed something worth sharing.

I was in a non-bachelorette party friendly restaurant, and one shows up. Totally stereotypical party too: Sashes and tiaras, lots of shrieking, etc.

They were doing one of those scavenger hunts where they have to get a guy to go to the bathroom and steal their undergarments.

I'm standing at there and they come up to this dude standing near me and ask for his boxers. He says, "If I do, will you leave?"

They say yes, and the dude sets his beverage down, takes off his boxers right there, hands them to the girls in the party, who are losing their minds, puts his pants back on and returns to his conversation.

The dude didn't have to buy another beverage for the rest of the night.


38. I Shouldn't...But I Do

Went to my SO's cousin's bachelorette party. All was going well, plenty of stuff on the go... people seem to be enjoying themselves. The members of her family (and by extension - mine) that were 50+ leave for home. The bride-to-be waits approximately 3 minutes after they exit to take herself, the maid of honour and the "male entertainment representative" into her bedroom. The bride's other best friend cranks the music to drown out the unabashed noise floating from her bedroom window. The entire party of 35-40 friends & extended family sit around in disbelief at what is transpiring; I assume attempting to ignore or otherwise dismiss the reality of the situation.

45 minutes and multiple guest departures later, the bride-to-be and maid of honour emerge from the room noticeably sated; the entertainer tucking his shirt back into his pants. Less than 5 minutes later the husband-to-be arrives, fresh from his (I hear, relatively clean-cut) bucks night. Wife pecks him on the lips & bids him goodnight... returning to her shocked party guests and making as if nothing happened with a wink in my direction and a quiet admonition to keep it on the "DL" for her.


37. A Little Too Far...

I worked in a photo lab. Normally it was cats and houses in the pics.

But then a woman dropping of a few rolls of film was acting oddly. This is usually a clear sign that the pictures were going to be interesting.

It was a bachelorette party, normal stuff at first. The women were all fairly pretty.

Then a safari themed male dancer was being featured.

The pictures show most of the women at the party getting freaky with the dancer.

Then the dancer got the bride getting really close to him.

Then the pics were in a bedroom.

The last photo was something that doesn't need to be explained...


36. Quite The Kicker

A dancer tried to do a cool move where he did a roundhouse over another girl's head. Except he kicked her. She got a concussion and was sick in a trash bag the entire limo ride to the hospital.


35. Creep Alert

A good friend of mine had a drink spilled on her at my bachelorette party. The guy was weird, but brought her over another drink since he had ruined hers. Anyway, turns out the guy put something in her drink (we didn't know it at the time), tried to do the same to mine (bought me a drink that I had no intention of drinking because he was weird), and swarmed around all the girls at my party for the rest of the night until I finally convinced security to kick him out. THANKFULLY there were a ton of really nice guys there that kept him away from us and helped us to watch our now out-of-sorts friend.


34. Is That My Baby?

The bride to be whose Indian had an Asian dancer who she became intimate with that night without protection. She married her white husband and was immediately pregnant. It was the dancer's baby. She ended up being divorced.


33. Cool As A Cucumber

We carved parts of the body out of giant cucumber using only our teeth. The cucumbers were then judged. The most realistic won.


32. Ride Of Shame

Limo driver here. First off, the cleanup on a bachelorette party is a lot worse than a bachelor party. I've cleaned up every sort of questionable product I can imagine. The guys usually just leave some cans or bottles in the cars.

Weirdest thing I've ever seen? The girls invited me in and hey, why not. Free soda and no cover because I was driving them. The 21-year-old bride to be was apparently a sheltered kid, religious school and all that. She somehow wound up on stage, being danced around by a drag performer, and had more dollar bills plucked out off her clothing by drag queens than I would've ever guessed. She then got pulled off of the stage by security when she started to undo some top buttons. Nice quiet ride home until she got sick in the cooler.


31. Go With The Float

I was getting a ferry over to an island off the coast of Ireland to attend a summer college, and on the ferry was a large group of bachelorettes. We knew it was a bridal party because they were a bunch of skittish 30-something women with pink sashes and headbands—and because they'd brought a seven-foot-tall inflatable *cough* body part with them.

It was definitely ready for the trip.

When we were pulling out of the harbor, the captain of the boat came on the PA to run through the safety checks with us. He got to the point of telling us where to find flotation devices in case of an emergency, only for the blushing bride-to-be to bellow, "WE BROUGHT OUR OWN!!!" and wildly wiggle the giant thing.

I dearly wish I could have attended that party.


30. Babysitting Bridesmaids

I'm a male bartender on weekends. A bus rolls up to my workplace. It's really early, like 7:30 pm. ( we aren't packing them in until 11:30-12 usually). A whole pack of 30-40-year-old women rolls in. They announce to me who is getting married blah blah. Thank god no one else was there. I proceeded to pour many many beverages for them. The group is attractive and the bride-to-be is a very petite cutie.

After about an hour, they start trying to get on the stage in back and I'm running around trying to get them back. Next thing you know, the bride-to-be falls. I help her up and was greeted with projectile grossness all over the front of me. I was not pleased. So I slowly start loading them back into their party bus. As it pulls out, I rush inside to grab someone to watch my stop so I could go change. As I'm coming out the bus pulls back up and the bride-to-be gives me her number. Are you serious? Terrible night.


29. Baby On Board

I work in a venue that at times (against my wishes) caters to bachelorette parties. Fifteen Australian women with Russian heritage buying too many beverages whilst dancing with the worst male dancer I have ever seen. An eight-month pregnant guest was very close to said gentleman. I need a new job.


28. Not Family Friendly

Not so much crazy as tasteless: I routinely see gals having these parties on restaurant patios waving adult products around and screeching in full view of families with kids.

Take it inside!


27. Guard-Dog Groom

The groom-to-be decided he didn't want to let the bride out of his sight so he attended the bachelorette party. He had too much and punched the bride's younger brother in the face.


26. Doorman Duties

I worked as a doorman and got asked by a bridal party to be their stand-in dancer. I said no because I had a girlfriend... apparently the wrong answer. For the rest of the night, they would yell stuff at me and try and push me when they walked by. It was really odd. They even brought out the bride and asked, "You wouldn't get on this?" I said, "No, I love my girlfriend." Just a strange, strange night.


25. Wild, Wild West

I've only been to one bachelorette party, but it was pretty weird. We went hopping place to place on a school bus in rural western NY (picture the travel time between places: about 20 minutes). Don't get me wrong, it was awesome, but it took a weird turn as we were leaving the last one. One of the girls convinced the local handsome cowboy (so called because he always wears a cowboy hat... and is handsome) to perform for us on the school bus in exchange for a ride home. What followed was the most uncomfortable, hesitant, and awkward performance a school bus has ever seen.

He was hot though, so whatever.


24. The Wrong Groom

We were in Vegas. Long story short, the bride-to-be was so gone, she left her bachelorette party, disappeared, and returned the next day married to some old guy.


23. Pretty Nippy Out

It wasn't a bachelorette party that I was at, I was just out with my girlfriends when I was on exchange in the UK and ran across a hen party who were all wearing nothing but their undergarments out in the street. Which, whatever, if you wanna do that then OK, but it was seven degrees Celsius outside.


22. Bride Wars

I was at a bachelorette party where the bride thumb wrestled the server for drinks.


21. Tying More Than The Knot

I was visiting the Bay of Islands in New Zealand for the day and strolled through the hostel in the tiny town to find a place to eat for lunch. It was the middle of the day and a bachelorette party was in full force: a group of women, one of them wearing a veil and a crown made of questionably shaped things, all laughing while walking down the street. I find a place to eat, eat, and leave. On my way back to the hostel, I see the bride-to-be blindfolded, tied to a lamppost, with the crown still on her head. None of her friends were around.


20. Tossing In The Flag

I've only been to one so far and it was my cousin's. We went out in San Luis Obispo. The only crazy thing was two guys were about to fight and one of the bridesmaids pulled out a ring toss game that made the guys stop fighting and then made them play.


19. The Pie Guy

There's someone named "The Pie Guy" here in LA. You can't and won't find him in a phone book, on Yelp, or anywhere else. Word of mouth deal. He shows up at your party with a stockade and plenty of pies, puts himself in, and then you smear pies on his face and body and talk back at him.

A friend of mine, the now-wife of a pretty famous rock star, had him at her bachelorette party. She has a rep for curating the most bizarre things possible. Did not disappoint/achievement unlocked. He was loathe to leave, got really weird (which is saying something?) and I chased him out of the party.


18. Hopping Outta There

This was about seven years ago. One female party attendee disappears for roughly 15 minutes in a fancy hotel suite. She soon walks through the door wearing a candy undergarment and a rabbit helmet. Nothing else. Gives bachelorette a dance. The candy rabbit is upwards of 300 pounds. I called my cab and went home. The end.


17. A Little Too Hands On

In New Orleans our bachelor group found a bachelorette group and started talking/dancing etc.

It was late in the night at this time, and our bachelor was dancing with their bachelorette mostly at the urging of the bridesmaids because they thought it would be "cute". Not too long into it he gets belligerently handsy.

I didn't see the act but spun around when one of the bridesmaids hollered, "Your bachelor just touched our bachelorette!"...we bounced immediately.


16. Getting To The Punch Line

I'm not a woman or a part of the bachelorette, but I was there for the insanity. I work at a comedy club. I don't understand why people think it's a great idea to go celebrate their event here, which is pretty much like live theatre, with 200 other people watching a show.

Anyway, this bachelorette party came in on a party bus, and made sure everyone knew that they planned to get "WILD AND CRAY-ZAY WOOOOOH!"  They're annoying and disrupting the show. We escort them out, because like any respectable comedy club, we care about the comedian's act. We do not tolerate heckling or people trying to be "part of the show".

These monsters do all sorts of tactics. Some go out to try to fight the manager. One girl held onto her chair and refused to budge. One girl was found sleeping in the bathroom. One girl fell on her face outside. One girl called the cops. We force them all outside, while the cops (who is also a lady) is threatening our bartender for giving them too much to drink.

The twist: we didn't give them anything. They walked through the doors like that.


15. Chippendale-Type Situation

Not incredibly crazy, but while attending my first bachelorette party I was pretty disgusted by the  situation. I'd always been an open person, but the idea of a bunch of old-ish women who are related getting excited over a paid adult dancer kind of weirded me out. Moving on... maybe it was because I was the only girl not digging it, but he paid attention to only me. He was relentless. I finally agreed to something  just so he'd move on and leave me alone, and as luck would have it, I chipped my front tooth somehow. Needless to say, I was not happy about it.


14. Hit And Fun

At my own bachelorette party, my mother-in-law got behind the wheel when she was a little too under the influence and rear-ended my maid-of-honor. My maid-of-honor is a cop.


13. Taking Her Shot

A friend of mine wanted to go to Olive Garden for  her bachelorette dinner, whatever. Her mom is severely obese and pretty much didn't have a care about it. She, herself, ate an entire order of calamari, about ten breadsticks, and four or five salads. Then ordered the Tour of Italy... which is pretty much three dinner entrees in one. Finished it all.

Afterward, we start getting our tickets and her mom decides it's time for some different types of beverages. Thank God, I seriously needed one. Her daughters (the bride and her two sisters) start singing a song by those two idiots and Lil' Jon. I look over and her mother is pulling up her shirt and giving herself an insulin shot.

At dinner. In a restaurant. They all acted like this was a normal thing.

Needless to say, I told them my boss texted me and said I needed to work at six a.m. the next day.


12. Dry Bar

No substances of any kind. It was crazy. We pretended to be youngsters and partake in innocent and dreary things.


11. Attention Grabber

Well, I was just a witness, but I guess you can say what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas. I was in Vegas at a dance place with my college roommate. We witnessed about three bachelorette parties, but one stuck out in particular. We call her "Crazy Bridesmaid". Two of the parties paid to sit in the VIP section where they are guaranteed some action. This party did not. But this bridesmaid was determined to get her bride to have a dance, so she grabs at every dancer that walked by. She got increasingly frustrated, and then eventually gets so frustrated that she gets out of her seat, chases one down, and tries to physically pull this 6'4" dude around, to which he swiftly ignored her. People sitting around her laughed. The bride was so angry; she proceeded to get kicked out because she decided to lite her lighter, which was prohibited. The show was so peaceful (or rather, less distracting) without her.


10. Touched By Art

While on Fremont Street some bachelorette party girl walked up to my friend's wife (who seriously could pass for 12 years old) and pokes her in the face a few times with her bachelorette balloon hat.


9. Putting On A Show

I used to swing both ways and my first lover was a very close friend. So we were at another good friend's bachelorette party when we had way too much. As usual, we got a bit frisky and went to a quiet room to take care of things so we wouldn't disturb anyone. Found out the next day that the blinds had been open the entire time and people had been able to see us doing our thing... not a great memory.


8. Bridezilla-To-Be

My sister-in-law was the worst bridezilla-to-be. She didn't like that her friends ''weren't paying attention'' to her—there were 50 people, we were bound to break up into groups anyway.

She called up this guy she used to cheat on her now-husband with. That other guy is a famous racecar driver. He comes over, they sneak off, she comes back, cries about us ruining her wedding and calls her hubby to call off the wedding. Fortunately, I stopped this, by getting the other guy out of there and calling hubby to come get her. I told him she's had too many. My sister-in-law never thanked me for not telling him and ruining their marriage... even though I'm pretty sure once someone better than him comes along, she will run off with him and file for divorce. It doesn't look good, a year into it.


7. Can't Bear Anymore

I don't know, I left when the guy in the bear suit started being weird.


6. Everyone Is Perfect

This is the best bachelorette party thing I've ever seen.

I walk into a bar and was stopped by a woman who says, "Oh my God, you're perfect!" This never happens to me, so I'm skeptical. The woman then says, "See it is my friend's bachelorette party" She then points to her friend who is wearing a veil and drinking fruity drinks with a bunch of other women. They all wave at me.

She then continues "you are exactly her type." She then shows me a series of index cards: blond (yep), blue eyes (yep), blue jeans (yep), white t-shirt (yep). I then concede that I must be her type. The woman continues, "Look, nothing crazy, she just wants a kiss from any guy who comes in who is her type." I can't argue with the logic. I give her a kiss and walk towards the bar.

I then realize the whole bar is watching, and the women have 50 notecards! They are scrambling the cards for whatever type of guy walks through the door! Tall, black, in a suit (yep). Short Asian guy (yep)... We watched for hours. She kissed every guy who walked through the door, because, "Oh my God you're perfect!"

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5. Moms Gone Wild

I was a former male dancer. Bachelorette parties are, by far, way worse than bachelor parties. There's nothing worse than a stay-at-home mother when she gets an opportunity to hang out with her friends, drink, and have some random guy be all over her... just saying... from experience.


4. Maid Of Dishonor

I went to this bachelorette party in March of 2012, our group of girls was 6 girls total, we're from Canada but we drove down to Duluth, Minnesota to celebrate. The bride and I have been friends since high school, and her matron of honor at the time was the one who organized and was putting on the party.

So it started out typically enough, we kidnapped my friend (the bride) from work, gathered all her clothes and hit the road. We got into Duluth around 5 pm I believe, checked into our hotel, got ready, grabbed the blow-up doll and headed out. We were staying downtown in the waterfront Canal Park area which was nice, lots of bars/restaurants to go to.

We had a blast, hit clubs, bars, etc... Then towards the end of the night, we took a cab across the bridge into Superior Wisconsin and go to this bar with a fun kind of country western theme to it. They had a good live band playing and lots of dancing and fun so we stayed there and got nice and sloppy.

At some point during our time at the country bar and karaoke bar next door, the matron of honor and another girl on the trip met this random guy and he started hanging out with us, which was cool; he was nice and we were having a really good time being goofy with this giant blow-up doll the bride had.

So we end up shutting down the bar and decide it's time to take a cab back to our hotel and continue drinking in the room! We call a cab. At this point, we start noticing that the matron of honor is suddenly SUPER out of it, and hanging off of this random dude that we don't really know. Not his fault, he didn't know better but she's married with a kid and he's trying to take her home.

Two cabs show up to the bar, we get everyone into one cab and try and separate this random guy and the matron of honor when suddenly she's getting into his SUV with him and... Oh, there they go, driving away into the night...

At this point were super hammered, in a random city, and have lost a member of our party. We take our cab back to the hotel and, no kidding, she's there with him in the lobby, ready to bring him back up to the room with us. No one is cool with this and the general consensus was no one wanted him to come up.

Upon hearing this the matron of honor pretty much has a temper tantrum and starts exclaiming that she "needs this" and "it'll be fun". She drags him up to the room, they lock themselves in the separate suite and don't come out for over an hour.

Eventually, this guy emerges from the room after we call security because we've had enough, and he leaves. Matron of honor is passed out in the bed with her face down and butt up in the air. We all crash.

The next morning, we all wake up and the matron of honor wakes up and freaks out. She pieces together what happened and what we tell her happened and just loses her mind and starts blaming her actions on the bride, exclaiming "this is your fault, how could you let me do that?" The bride doesn't know what to say and I pretty much just told off and told how we tried to stop her but she's freaking nuts and how she ran away with him and dragged him up here locked herself in the room and did the deed.

Needless to say, she was freaking nuts and wasn't the matron of honor for very long after that. I don't think she even ended up attending the wedding. Her (matron of honor) husband (who I'm still pretty sure doesn't know she cheated on him) was supposed to be the best man; she didn't let him attend either.

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3. Hootin' And Hollerin'

After getting kicked out of a family restaurant for blowing up a giant inflatable balloon, we took the bachelorette, a former Hooters waitress, to the world's lamest place. It had a bucking bronco and ladders on the tabletop to encourage people to dance on it.

Naturally, we all got up to dance on it, and one of the bachelorette's coworkers had the bright idea to yank down the bachelorette's top, in front of everyone. My friend was humiliated and burst into tears. Another friend and I helped her down from the bar and lead her to a corner of the club so she could recover.

Two smooth dudes, having seen my friend's (admittedly excellent) top, made their way over and tried to put the moves on her. Please note my friend was still crying and wearing one of those cheap wedding veils people wear at their bachelorette parties. It was very obvious she was not only not single, but also really upset. We told them to go away. Several times. Somehow, they couldn't figure out they weren't going to get anywhere and were hanging around like a bad smell.

Then I spotted it: the giant inflatable balloon, which somehow had not been abandoned in all the drama. I picked it up and started hitting these idiots over the head with it. Not hard enough to hurt them—it was, after all, an inflatable balloon—but insistently. The look of real fear on their faces as they were hustling away from us was something I'll never forget.


2. Fatal Fantasy

My friend's mom used to be a paramedic and she answered a call that started as a few of this woman's friends who hired dancer to kidnap her and take her to this place where they had an evening planned for her bachelorette party. As the guy attempted to take her and put her in his car, she pulled some crazy self-defence and the guy ended up passing away. No charges were pressed on anybody due to the unusual circumstances of the case.


1. Milking The Situation

I'm a limo driver. I drove a large group of women to their bachelorette. The bride-to-be was large, at least 300 pounds. The girls drag her on stage and they do an almost creepy dance routine. It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen.



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