People From Around The World Share Ungrateful Reactions To Christmas Gifts

People From Around The World Share Ungrateful Reactions To Christmas Gifts

Around the holidays, most people go out of their way to be generous. No matter if you didn't have the best year, no matter if money is a little tight, we all set a little something aside to show our loved ones that we care and that we're thinking about them. After all, it's supposed to be the thought that counts.

Apparently some people never got that memo, and think it's appropriate to have a meltdown because they didn't get the exact thing they wanted. Never mind the feelings of other people who were just trying to do something nice. You might be shocked to learn that there are a surprising number of ungrateful people out there around the holidays -- and a surprising number of them are adults!

These folks from all around the world recently went online to talk about the most ungrateful reactions to Christmas gifts they've ever seen. Some were the thoughtful gift givers, others were the thankless gift receivers. But all ended up in uncomfortable situations that never would have happened if someone had just had the decency to smile and say "thank you!"

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20. Rich family, poor manners

Elizabeth Stevens Singh

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19. What to get for the person who hates everything

There’s no winning with my mom. EVERY YEAR.

My dad bought her flowers one year, and she was so angry that he only bought her “cheap flowers” that she didn’t talk to him the rest of the day. He’s never bought her flowers since.

Before I had a job (early high school) I would save up some of my “lunch money” to buy her a gift. $20-$25 jewelry from Walmart, since Walmart was the only store within walking distance. My mom would open it, thank me, set it down, and never touch it again. This happened about 3 years in a row. The fourth year I decided not to get her anything besides a card, since cards are the only thing she seemed to like and cherish.

The fifth year, again I did not get her anything, but I gave my boyfriend’s mom a wallet. It was a Kate Spade wallet. My mom FLIPPED. She was so angry I didn’t get her anything. I told her she’s never once appreciated the gifts I gave her and why should I waste my money? My mom replied by saying I never gave her a wallet. I pointed out to my mom that she JUST bought herself a new Gucci wallet and Gucci was far more expensive than Kate Spade.

Also, as I was a teenager working part time at McDonald’s, I couldn’t afford the brands that she liked. Michael Kors was too cheap for her. She wanted Gucci, Hermès, Burberry, Versace. She knew I couldn’t afford her brands and she never asked for them, but what was the point of getting her a Kate Spade or Michael Kors wallet if she wasn’t going to use it??

Last Christmas, I just gave her dinner. What I did: sent my brother $70 to take my mom and dad to dinner at their favorite restaurant (I lived 440 miles away at this point). My dad was supposed to drive and he knew it was supposed to be a surprise for my mom. I’m not sure if someone leaked, or if my mom just found out, but she ended up inviting some friends and so the $70 didn’t cover the whole dinner and she paid the rest.

It just bothered me because I wanted to pay for the whole dinner, and I wanted it to be a family dinner. She literally could have taken her friends 364 other days in the year. It sounds dumb but it did offend me because my gift was supposed to be a family dinner and instead, it turned into $70 off of dinner with friends (which my mom paid for and all her guests ate for free).

This year, I already got my dad and my brother something but I gave up on my mom. I’m just going to go for a card again.

Anabelle Varina

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18. A freeloader and an ingrate

Right after marrying my husband, his mother came to visit us (uninvited) from another country. This meant she would be staying with us for awhile. It was Christmas and I wanted to make a good impression so I bought her a thin gold chain and a Jane Seymour Mother/Daughter necklace from Kays (this was 2009 when they were very popular).

I also bought her a lot of other things, too. You have to understand something, though. My husband and I literally (days before) just got married and moved into a small mobile home. I did not have a job so money was extremely tight. Nonetheless, I wanted to be extra nice to her and bought her these expensive items.

When she opened the gold chain she shook it in her hand and said, “hmmm…it’s really thin” and tossed it in her purse and when she opened the Jane Seymour necklace she sucked her teeth and said, “I’ll never wear this!” and also tossed that in her purse. I was extremely hurt.

She did not get us anything nor did she contribute one penny to her stay with us for 3 weeks. She cost us close to a thousand dollars entertaining her and her son she brought along with her.

Lisa Frangipani

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17. This is what happens when you're spoiled

Pam Armstrong



16. You're supposed to pretend, lady

Penny Ladnier

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15. Secret Santa, public embarrassment

Toledo Robson

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14. No free phone is the wrong phone

Lauree Henry

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13. These kids deserve coal

Sami Darby

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12. A true labor of love

C.S. Friedman

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11. Dude, you didn't even get your son a gift

My husband and I bought my nephew (at the time 5 years old) a introductory to engineering play kit. The material inside was very basic things (balloons, strings, etc), but the point was to get him have some hands on experience with physics since he expressed interest in that field…

Karen Chang

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10. The Cabbage Patch Kids

Laura Six-Pattay

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9. Cinderella needs her shoes

Karen Baker

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8. I didn't know it was legal to marry an 8-year-old

Lillie Tidwell

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7. Normal people like pictures of their family...

Meredith Guglielmo

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6. This one is borderline justified

Cathy Buchanan

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5. Hoarding presents he hated receiving

Karin Cozzolino

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4. Twelve days of ungrateful

Susan El

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3. I prefer homemade gifts, but apparently that's a minority opinion

This starts with the requisite “I’d just started work in late August and it wasn’t a high paying job …”. That Christmas, I decided to do something personal and yes, saving some money was in the back of my head. But it was 80% to do something personal and creative, 20% to save a few bucks.

Philip Klossner

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2. "I'll never wear THAT!"

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1. How DARE you buy me a washer and dryer?

My father recently passed away, and although he left my mother enough life insurance to take care of herself, it still was not enough. She had blown through a lot of money on nonsense things.

Recently, her dryer broke and she cried the blues about not being able to replace it. I didn’t ask about all the money she blew through. Instead, I bought her a new beautiful red top of the line washer and dryer set. The set is actually much nicer than what I have in my own house, costing close to $3400. I had my husband deliver it to her house for Christmas.

My mother began berating me to my husband as to what I was thinking by buying her a “red” set. Then she criticized the brand - Samsung. Then, she said I had a lot of nerve choosing her appliances for her and that she “better be getting a good deal.”

My husband called me on the phone and I could hear all of this going on. I told him to leave her house. She called up a few minutes later and told me to get this “crap” out of her house before she has someone come over and haul it to the curb for her.

I was appalled. I returned the set to the store. She then called me and asked how I could do that to her. Do what? I bought her a new set! It got back to me through her acquaintance that she apparently bragged on her actions and that her friends told her she was dead wrong and ungrateful. She hasn’t apologized and I haven’t talked to her since.


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0. If You Seek Amy

We married after a few months of dating, before I even met his mom. I decided it would be nice to send her a framed photo of me and husband. A few days later, the phone rang. It was hubby's mom. I tried to introduce myself, but she cut me off. "Who are you?" she asked. "WHERE'S AMY?" I was about to ask what she was talking about when I heard a loud banging on the door. It was "Amy."

It turns out my husband was already married. It was the most humiliating and heartbreaking experience of my life.



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