People From Around The World Share Their True Stories That No One Believes

People From Around The World Share Their True Stories That No One Believes

Has it ever happened to you? You see or experience something so incredible, improbably, or strange that you just know there's no point telling anyone else because they'll never believe it. Well, it definitely happened to these people. Fortunately, they went online to share their stories, and we snatched them up. What do you think? Are they telling the truth?

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37. Nobody believes the heron either

A blue heron was flying with a snake hanging from its mouth. The snake was still wiggling and trying to break free. It finally was successful, but the heron caught it in its foot and somehow in mid-air threw it back up into its mouth.

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36. Da ba dee da ba die

I was at an amusement park near Cincinnati, probably 20-ish years ago and I swear to God I saw a blue guy. Literally blue skin. Like a black person only blue.

Turns out there really is a well-known family in Kentucky with this condition. Still no one believes me.

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35. That's mercy for you

I was walking down a gravel road to a pool with friends when I felt someone poke me in my butt with a stick. So I turn around but my friends weren't holding a stick. Then I felt it again, so I told them to screw off. They looked confused. I felt it again while looking at them. I reached into my swim shorts to see what's up. Then I felt a branch between my butt cheeks, so I pulled it out. It was a big grasshopper. It was trying to squeeze in my crack. I felt violated but I let it go.


34. Don't make your kids put clowns in their bedrooms

When I was a kid, I had this really creepy clown sitting on a little wooden swing that hung from the fireplace in my bedroom. Now I'm not afraid of clowns, but that thing made me feel like I was being watched. Still, my parents wouldn't let me get rid of it because my grandmother gave it to me.

One day I had had enough of the darn thing. I was probably about 10 because it wasn't long before we moved out of that house. I decided that I didn't want it watching me playing, so I turned it round to face the wall; it was hanging close enough to the wall that it wouldn't just spin back round.

I sat back down to continue playing with my dolls, but after a few minutes I got that prickly feeling like I was being watched again. When I looked over my shoulder, the clown's head was on backwards. I ran downstairs screaming and crying and begged my mother to come up and look.

She did, but when we got to my room, the whole clown was facing forwards again. My mum told me to stop being stupid and making a fuss. So the doll conveniently fell out of my window and smashed its porcelain face on the slabs. Terrifying thing.



33. Ghosts need to lift too

A dude asked me how to get to Planet Fitness. I told him it was just across the parking lot. I look down at my phone as he starts walking and after answering a text (which took about 5 seconds) I look up and realize he's gone. All around where we were standing, there was nothing but about a quarter mile of empty parking lot. There were no cars nearby or driving away so it didn't look like he got in a vehicle or anything. I looked in every direction but he was gone.

Fitness ghost, wherever you are, I wish you many gains.

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32. Sometimes the universe looks out for you

I once lost my bracelet that my mother gave me as a present on my 18th birthday. I used to wear it all the time and I was devastated when I lost it. After 2 months, I was walking down the street and I was waiting to cross the street. For some reason I looked down and there the bracelet was, on the pavement. It was kind of a magical moment. I kept looking at it, thinking if this is really happening. I never forget this.

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31. He's got radioactive blood

When I was a kid, I was home alone. There was a knock at the door. I had literally just watched a bunch of "Stranger Danger" videos and learned that everyone knocking on my door while I was home alone was there to kidnap me.

So I go to the door and yell "Who is it?!" The man behind the door answered.


So immediately I'm thinking, this is definitely some weirdo creep trying to trick kids into opening the door because they think Spiderman is real and stuff, but since I was 12 I was too smart for that. But just in case I misheard, I asked him again.


I'm silent. Not sure what to do. Then he starts singing.

"Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can."

I bolted. First I make sure the front door is locked. Then I run downstairs and make sure the basement door and the sliding door in my parent's bedroom is locked. Then I run upstairs and get the upper sliding door off the back of the deck.

Finally, once all of that was secure, I run to my room and hide under the bed until my mom and brother get home.

They get home, and my mom asks why the door was locked. I told her what happened and she was immediately dismissive of it. "Oh you didn't hear him right. That was the Schwann man."

Okay mom. First off "Schwann" doesn't sound anything like "Spider." And second, why did he sing the Spiderman theme song?!?!? To this day, nobody believes that I was almost kidnapped by a psycho pretending to be Spiderman.

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30. How to save a life

I may have saved two little kids' lives when I was 10 or 11. Essentially what happened: I was at a big public pool when there was a commotion because a kid needed the lifeguards to pull him out of the deep end of the pool. Everyone was focused on watching that unfold, but I saw off to the side two kids in the shallow end also struggling. The younger boy was clinging to his older sister and not letting go, and they both kept bobbing under the water, and the sister was clearly panicking because she couldn't keep them both above water.

I just grabbed the boy under my arm and let the girl cling to my other arm and floated them over to the side of the pool, where their mom noticed them crying and immediately rushed over to take over the situation. I was in a daze and got out of the pool. Other than the kids' mom and maybe one other person, no one saw me do this, and when I told my own mom what happened, she seemed like she didn't really buy it.

I don't really tell anybody the story because I imagine it'll come off as self-aggrandizing, but I'm glad the two kids were okay.

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29. Battle of the birds

I used to do Junior Lifeguards at a small beach in California. When you were old enough to be responsible (or at least act like it) you had to help out with the younger kids in the afternoon. It was my day to help out and we were leading the kids in stretches. The leaders were facing away from the water and the kids were lying on their backs, hugging their knee. I turned to look at the water; no real reason.

I saw two seagulls dive bomb out of the sky. It looked like they were wrestling. They landed on the shore where the water isn't more than ankle deep. One of them gets the upper hand and started to hold the other one's head under the water, drowning it. Seagull 2 breaks free, rears its head back, screeches, then STABS THE FIRST SEAGULL IN THE CHEST WITH ITS BEAK. The first seagull then takes off real quick and the second one flies after it.

Not a single person saw it or believed me.

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28. I am that I am

I was declared a "divine gift" by the monks of Saint Catherine's monastery in Egypt.

The monastery was built around the alleged Burning Bush from the Book of Exodus and since I was really into religions at the time, I asked the monks some questions about the Bush and whether they have any other interesting relics in their monastery. The monks went silent and asked me and my family to follow them down to the gates of the Burning Bush. They let us see the alleged remnants of the Burning Bush, even though we were are not Orthodox Christians. This is a privilege granted only to high officials in the Orthodox church and they said we were the first secular people to ever see the Bush.

After visiting the Bush, the monks gave me some kind of a special blessing where they declared me as that "divine gift" and a silver ring with Greek writing on it. I was a kid at the time so I didn't really react to it in an extravagant way, but my mom was dumbfounded for days, since she is a very religious person. Now at an older age I'm just wondering if they do this every now and then as a prank, or if they actually saw something special in me.



27. Black panther

A black cougar/panther in upstate NY ran across the road in front of me in the dark. I thought it was a skinny black lab until I saw its tail was as long as its body. Eastern Cougars have been "extinct" for 50 years or more.

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26. Squirrel and a nut

Two squirrels were hooking up in a tree above me. They fell out and landed on my head, jumped off, then ran away. When I went to check my head for any injuries, I felt a small wet spot that was not blood.

I swear to god one of those little demon rodents climaxed on my head.

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25. Life is a game of inches

This happened on my 19th birthday. My history class got out at 1:10 when I was in college. I always sat near the door so I could leave quickly. As I was getting up the prof said, "Hold on guys. Test this Friday, study!" so I really only left 5 or so seconds later than usual.

It was rainy and and the pavement was icing over that day. As I was walking my usual route home, a truck lost control and swerved, running right onto the sidewalk about 10 feet in front of me, hitting a light pole. I ran into a parking lot because of possible active power lines, but man... Had I left at 5 seconds sooner, I would've been killed.

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24. Jaws

I saw a shark yank a seagull down from a kelp bed. I was a child and laying in the cabin of a fishing charter, staring out the window. It was early, about 6am. Seagull floating, boat idling, and then the shark just came up and went snarf and birdy was gone.

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23. Your doubt stings me

I live in the UK. Years ago, we had builders repairing the fence in our garden and me being the curious kid decided so stay there all day and watch them. They were halfway through changing the fences out when I saw something crawl out of the whole. Got a closer look and I couldn't believe it; it was a scorpion. I tried telling everyone what I saw but they didn't believe me cos a scorpion in the UK just won't happen.

Years later I still remember this and no one believes me... guess I'll bury this with me but was still a cool thing to see.

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22. Stranger things

When I was younger, I used to routinely sneak out of the house at night to meet up with friends and perform acts of minor mischief and light vandalism. One of the newer additions to the group lived a little out of the way, but we were always game to pick him up because it meant crossing through the tall grasses of a farm that stood between his and our corner of suburbia.

One crisp, cool autumn evening, we had concluded our business of hopping a pool fence and rearranging the poolside furniture (scandalous), and most of the other teens had gone home for the evening, so I decided to walk my buddy home.

We cut through the tall grasses in the farm, and took a seat in the middle of them by a tree that had a series of small boulders that made for ideal sitting. We talked the usual teenage angsty crap - who liked who, what you were going to do when you grew up, who was going to move out first to escape their oppressive suburban life first.

There was a lull in conversation, and I remember hearing a dog barking in the distance by the nearby farmhouse.

I glanced up, and looming over the tall glass were three person-shaped forms. Not together. Not moving. Spread several hundred feet apart in the field, stock-still. To clarify, this was a field of grass. No scarecrows, no trees save the one, and nothing that could realistically make these shapes.

I froze up, and looked over to my friend, shakily asking if he could see it. I didn't clarify, because he gave a terrified nod. None of the figures moved an inch. Indistinct and shadowy, they remained exactly rooted to the spot, and we were absolutely petrified.

Then, closer than close, the insisting growling of a dog no less than ten feet away from us. Somewhere in the grass. Right on top of us. We both got up and bolted, but nothing chased after. Not the dog. Not the figures.

As I stood huddled with my friend hiding behind a car on a suburban street, the moon tucked behind a cloud formation that cast a small pale thread of light down only on us, I believed in ghosts.

I stayed at my friend's house for as long as it took for us to think up a reasonable explanation to what we'd seen. I had to get home, and the only real way back was through that field. Plus, we had to prove it to ourselves. Prove to ourselves that it had been trees we'd failed to notice, or scarecrows that had been put up for autumn. Anything at all.

We came back to the field, armed with aluminum baseball bats for self-defense, and shakily stepped back into the area with the one tree and the standing stones, and surveilled the field.

Nothing. The horizon was completely consistent. Tall grass. No shadows. No shapes. No trees. No scarecrows. No dog.

Nothing to explain what we'd seen, and nothing to stop me from bolting across the property terrified out of my mind.

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21. The aristocats

I live in a kind of condo complex and a lot of people here, including myself, have cats. I know my cat sometimes mingles with the other ones outside, and sometimes they fight.

Anyways, I was walking back from school at around 3pm and I was just about to walk inside my house until I heard a distant "meow," and it sounded like my cat.

Then there were more and more meows, and I kept following it until I reached someone's porch. Nobody lived in that condo, so I just walked onto the porch and I kid you not, I saw about a dozen (10-14) cats having a meeting. An actual ] meeting.

They were all sitting in a perfect circle, my cat was a part of it too, occasionally meowing but all acting very polite/cordially, no hissing/licking/fighting or anything.

Nobody believes me that I saw the neighborhood cats have a meeting. I wonder what they were planning. Probably a coup.

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20. A real shocker

While I was snorkelling in Lanzarote with my family when I was eleven, I saw a cute brightly coloured fish. The water was crystal clear and as I swam up to it and reached out to touch it, I saw something like a tiny flicker of lightning shoot out of its mouth and hit my fingers. It felt like a static shock when it connected and I spluttered up out of the water and let out a yelp.

My dad asked what was wrong and when I explained, both parents looked at me like I was crazy. I don't really know what kind of sea life can do that kind of thing and being so young at the time, I didn't really bother looking it up. But it was always a weird memory that stuck with me - the time a fish electrocuted me.

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19. The haunted forest

When I traveled to India about 20 years ago, I took the bus to travel from one city to another. It was a night bus, so I slept through most of the ride. It was dark and the road was surrounded by a forest. The road was only illuminated by the headlights of the bus and we were seemingly alone as we rumbled along.

At one point, I woke up suddenly and just stared out the window. There I saw this creature on the side of the road hurrying into the dark woods. The moment lasted only a second or two, but I saw the creature so clearly. It looked like something with a human body doing an inverted crab walk. It had the head of a doberman dog, or jackal. It had a waddling gait. With each limb moving independently, like an insect.

Everyone around me was asleep, and I felt like a crazy person. I kept telling myself that I must've seen something else and misinterpreted it in my mind. After all, I just caught a glimpse of it. In later years I've questioned whether I was dreaming it. I feel extremely certain of what I saw, but I'm probably wrong. There is probably a logical explanation to it.

I'm a very rational person, and I do not believe in supernatural things. But being in an Indian forest at night will make even the most sane person doubt his own mind. Those forests are truly scary.

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18. To thank a mockingbird

I was up early and killing time on the computer before leaving for work. I hear a tap on my front window. I assumed it was my father in law who lives across the street. I pull back the curtain and there's a juvenile mockingbird sitting on my window. It made a weird croaking noise and flew away. I go back to reading. About a minute later, I hear the tap again, pull back curtains, same bird. It made eye contact, made a sound, then flew to a branch in front of the window.

My wife was still in bed and I didn't want her to think I was leaving for work so I call to her "I'm going outside, there's a bird trying to get my attention". I go out the front door and the bird is gone, but a utilities truck is just then pulling to a stop in front of our meter. We forgot to pay the water bill. I told the guy to give me a chance to pay it, and I drive down to the office to pay the bill.

If that bird hadn't warned me, our water would have been shut off and we wouldn't have known until I was already gone for the day. The only reason anyone believes me is I told my wife prior to opening the door.

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17. The one that got away

I was fishing with my siblings in Puget Sound. My mom, and my brother were struggling to get a little dogfish reeled in.

While they were doing this, I feel a sharp tug on my own line. This is no minnow; I've got something big on the hook. It's running towards me, than running away. My rod is about to snap and I'm trying to get someone's attention, but they're all preoccupied with the little fish my brother is trying to reel in.

Finally, I realize what I have on the other end of my line: it's an enormous shark, fully 7 feet long. It gets right up along the side of our boat, a Grady White 22 at the time, and it stretches from one end of the cockpit to the other, and then some.

As soon as someone freed up to come help me, it snapped the line and just coasted away underwater. Nobody saw it but me.

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16. Rock, paper, owl

I was in my hometown visiting my mom. My brother came in too. One night, around 3 am, we were chilling on the front porch looking out on the lake. We heard a commotion in a tree above us. Then a loud thud. When we went to investigate we found some sort of snake wrapped around a squirrel in the grass, but the squirrel had seemingly bitten most of the snake's head off.

They both seemed alive, but barely. We were staring dumbfounded when in a big whoosh some sort of owl came in and picked up the tangled mass and flew off. Even our mom doesn't believe us.

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15. Latrine lovers

I walked into a bathroom and saw two people just openly doing it on the tiled floor. I screamed and ran back to my table at the restaurant. From my table, I had a clear view of the bathroom. I watched another girl walk in and waited to see her reaction. A few minutes later she came back out acting totally normal. A friend and I went back in and the bathroom was empty.

My friends all thought I was lying but I am 100% positive that I both saw and heard a man screwing a woman on the floor beneath the bathroom sink.

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14. Phrasing!

My life is akin to a bad pun at times. I was carrying my skis, slipped on some ice, and fell down. I asked a passing girl if she could lend me a hand with the skis while I got up. She then told me she had no arms, and proceeded to wave her empty coat sleeves around as proof. I just kind of fumbled to get up whilst apologizing profusely. She giggled and walked away.

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13. Are you a Disney princess?

I've had numerous wild creatures come up to me at random times, with absolutely zero fear. In college, I was walking through the woods that stretched between my dorm and the football field (where I parked my car). There was this clearing that overlooked the field, and the track team was practicing. My roommate was a vaulter, so I stopped to watch for a little bit, and leaned up against a tree.

I had an apple in my purse, and eventually I felt this little nudge; a fawn had come up and was nosing my bag. I stood stock still and just let it sniff me, and saw Momma deer was a few feet away. Very slowly, I reached into my bag, and baby bounded away. I took the apple and set it on the ground, and walked away really slowly. Later that afternoon, I was cutting through the woods again, and the apple was still there, but with bites out of it.

I've also been hiking and had squirrels and bunnies come up to me with no issue. Birds will land near me and not fly away. It's pretty awesome, but because it will only happen when I'm alone, I don't tell anyone. It's like my own little secret

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12. I am the storm

On my way home from school about 7 years ago, I was sitting at a very busy intersection waiting to turn left. It was very gloomy outside. All of a sudden, it sounded and felt like the back of my car exploded. There was also a quick, very bright light that flashed in my rear view mirror. I panicked, and noticed immediately after that the stop lights stopped working, and it also began to rain.

I looked out in the distance, and saw a lightning strike. I also looked on either side of me where there was a ton of traffic, and everyone was staring at me like this. That's right, I was struck by lightning.


11. This is what people mean when they say "it's complicated"

I met a guy online. Fell in love. We were a couple for five or so months, began to make plans to meet. Before that could happen, his sister was killed in a car accident. Meeting plans were put on hold. He started to pull away. I went to Baton Rouge with the Red Cross after hurricane Katrina. While there, I found out I was being catfished by this dude. I then hooked up with another guy I knew from online for a couple days. He turned out to be a top-notch loser.

I went home and called my catfisher. There was no car accident, his sister was alive, and it was basically a panicked attempt to delay meeting. I ended up eventually forgiving him. I flew across the country, met him, and fell in love in person. I moved out there a couple months later. Everything was amazing, we were so happy. For a year.

Then he moved for his job, and despite his protests (I loved where we lived and had a great job), followed him. Three weeks later he came to my apartment after work one day. He broke down in tears, and told me he was getting married that weekend in an arranged marriage. Thirty-six hours later I watched him get on a plane and haven't seen him since.

Tomorrow is his seventh wedding anniversary.

It sounds like some kind of terrible movie, but it's 100% true.

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10. I'll never tell

Myself and another guy were working on an oil rig when we saw a floating silver disk about 200m away over the sea. It stayed for 5 minutes then flew off over the horizon at an incredible speed. It was so unusual that neither of us had the courage to tell anyone as we'd have been ridiculed.

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9. Sure beats walking

I was eating at a Chipotle one day when a helicopter landed right there in the parking lot, and motored down. The guy hopped out, grabbed a burrito, and then took off in his helicopter again.

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8. The curse of Atlanta

My aunt has only ever flown from Atlanta airport twice. The first time the plane was hijacked, taken to Cuba, and then sent back to the States. The second time, the landing gear didn't work and they did a crash landing on the belly of the plane.

My aunt has never flown through Atlanta since.

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7. Ungrateful

Back when I was in school I saved the life of this total jerk who I knew. We were more classmates than friends. A van had lost its brakes and was coming to us at say 60 kilometres an hour. The idiot driver didn't even honk the horn or anything. By chance I turned around and saw the van coming toward us. I pushed my classmate of the way and got hit in the arm with the side mirror.

The next day at school he told everyone how he saved my life and how I was crying. I only moderately regret it.

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6. It's a Wonderful life

When I was 23 I had to spend the night at the DC-Reagan airport. I hadn't gone through security yet so I was walking the main strip where you check-in. It was about 1AM so there was no one there since the counters were closed. Then out of nowhere, Stevie freaking Wonder shows up. I stopped to say hi and talk to him for like a minute, then he and his assistant disappeared.

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5. Wrong place, wronger time

I was at a friend's house late at night a few years ago near Piedmont Park in Atlanta and was walking to my car to go home. Walked past an alley to get to where I parked, and happened to see two guys with guns standing over a body. They started toward me and I ran to my car which was a few feet away. I was parallel parked and bumped into the car in front of me when I peeled out of the parking spot.

Came up to a stop light and sat there in shock for a minute waiting for it to turn green, then I heard squealing tires and gun shots behind me. Before I even had time to calm myself down I floored it again. I had my phone on me and wanted to call 911 but I was so focused on getting away I didn't want to attempt a phone call while trying not to die.

My Mustang was faster than their crappy little Dodge Stratus so I got away pretty quick by taking side streets and alleys but they got off a few shots when they first came up on me at the stop light and one hit my bumper. When I was sure I'd lost them I pulled into a gas station and waited for the police.

After all that, nothing ever happened and they weren't caught. I didn't see what the guys looked like, but I did give a solid description of the car they were driving. The whole time I was sure I would at least end up destroying my car, but I was lucky it was late with minimal traffic and only a few red lights I slowed down before going through, but my car had some under-body and suspension damage from a few hard bumps and speeding down bumpy alleys.


4. Bouncing back

I was sitting on the curb of a busy intersection with my girlfriend at the time when a car approaching the intersection hit a rabbit. The rabbit was in mid stride, and it flew forward instead of getting squashed. The rabbit flew a few feet and landed in my lap.

Both me, my girlfriend, and the rabbit survived.


3. Drop it like it's hot

I got lost in an amusement park one time, in 6th grade, on a school trip. I spent my half time having tons of fun without waiting for my classmates, and the other half sure I'd be lost forever.

I was standing in line for some ride when the tall, skinny black dude started talking to me. I explained that I was lost and he said he'd make sure I got back to my friends. In the mean time, I ended up following him to the next ride, and the ride after that. We kept chatting, and eventually we go our separate ways after he helps me find some of my friends.

A couple years later, my buddy was going through a copy of Rolling Stone. As she flips through the pages, I spot a familiar face.

"Stop!", I said. "Remember the time I got lost at the amusement park? THAT'S HIM!! THAT'S THE GUY THAT HUNG OUT WITH ME!"

"Pssh", she said. "I doubt it. That's Snoop Dogg."

To this day, almost two decades later, I maintain that Snoop Dogg hung out with me, a semi-terrified lost little white girl for a couple hours at out local amusement park, and I do not care what anyone says. They can't take that away from me. A few years after spotting him in the magazine, I read that he likes to hang out in Denver occasionally, so I suppose it's at least somewhat plausible.

At the end of the day, the story itself is true, and whether or not it was actually Snoop D-O-Double G, remains to be seen (and quite possibly never verified).

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2. I shall name him Elon Tusk

I live in Canada - just north of Toronto.

One night, I woke up around 3am to get a glass of water from fridge. From our kitchen, you can see out into the driveway and front yard. In the cul-de-sac across the street, I saw a big, dark shape moving but I didn't really think much of it. I walked over to the window. I paused. I looked again.... Paused... And then it hit me... There is an elephant outside. In Canada. In my neighbourhood.

For about 30 seconds, I stared at this thing lumbering around slowly. It was picking at trees with its trunk, but generally not doing much.

I figured my wife makes better decisions than I do, so I went back to the bedroom to wake her up.

When I dragged her to the window, it looked like the elephant had disappeared from the cul-de-sac. This greatly angered my sleepy wife. I had almost started doubting myself when she yelled, "OH MY GOD THERE'S AN ELEPHANT ON OUR STREET."

I decided the only rational thing to do was try to lure the elephant onto our lawn. So I opened the window and performed my best elephant call. It sounded like a "chi-chi-chi" noise. This greatly pleased the beast. It started walking towards our house, and stepped over our little boxwood shrubs. The sight of the approaching elephant terrified my wife, so she fled the room after slamming the window shut.

So here I was, staring face to face with an elephant. At 3am. In Canada. Less than 8 feet away. It just sorta stood there checking me out for a bit. My wife started yelling that she was calling the police from somewhere in the back of the house.

I assume that the elephant heard we were calling the police, so he decided to leave.

We learned the next day that there actually were three elephants that escaped a local traveling circus near by, but only two decided to walk through our neighbourhood. No one really believed me until the story hit the news around noon the next day.

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1. Toy story

Around 2 am one night when I still lived at home I got up to walk to the garage to get a soda. I sat out there for a moment just drinking my cold beverage when I swear I heard something moving in a box or something.

I got really freaked out and walked into the darkness ahead of me to see if I could figure out what it was. I swear on my mother's life I heard what sounded like an old toy doll saying something like "I love you!" Or "howdy!" Or something to that effect. I turned around and ran as fast as I could back inside, and ever so faintly in the darkness as I turned around I thought I saw something standing there just looking at me.

Never happened again. I told my parents about it the next day and they just kinda laughed it off and said I was dreaming. I was 16 at the time so I knew what dreaming feels like, this happened in real life.

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