3 Dealer Add-Ons That You Don't Actually Need

3 Dealer Add-Ons That You Don't Actually Need

Ah, the excitement of buying a new car: that fresh car smell, the shiny dashboard, and the luxurious feel of the new seats. You're ready to sign the dotted line, keys in hand, but wait! There's more. Car dealers, like any good salesperson, will want you to walk away with more than just your new ride. They'll tempt you with any number of tantalizing extras designed to make your car life better, safer, or more glamorous. But before you nod your head and reach for your wallet, you should know not all these add-ons are as crucial as they sound. Here, we look at three of these "must-have" additions that may not be as necessary as they claim to be.

1. Extended Warranties: The Safety Net You Might Not Need

Extended warranties are a classic sales pitch, offering you peace of mind for years to come. Yet, more often than not, they're just a pricey safety blanket. Cars today are more reliable than ever, with most manufacturers offering decent original warranties. Plus, these warranties often overlap with your car insurance, making them redundant. They usually don't cover wear-and-tear parts, which are the ones most likely to fail as your car ages. Instead of automatically signing on for an extended warranty, consider your car model's reliability, the warranty it already comes with, and your insurance coverage. It's always better to do your homework and make an informed decision.

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2. Paint and Fabric Protection: An Unnecessary Shield

Your dealer might convince you that your new car needs an extra layer of protection, like a knight donning a second set of armour. Paint and fabric protection services, they say, will guard your car against harsh weather conditions, spills, or stubborn stains. While it sounds fancy, it's often not worth the extra cash. Most new cars come with quality factory-applied paint that's designed to withstand varying weather conditions. As for fabric protection, off-the-shelf fabric sprays can do a comparable job at a fraction of the cost. Instead of splashing out on dealership-applied protection, save your pennies for regular car washes and upholstery cleaning.

wash-a-car-1822415_1280.jpgImage by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

3. VIN Etching: The Security Feature That Could be a Money Pit

VIN etching is a security feature that involves engraving your vehicle's identification number on the windows to deter thieves. Dealers might sell it as a premium feature, but you might want to hold off on engraving that cheque. The chances of your car being stolen and then found due to VIN etching are quite slim. Many comprehensive auto insurance plans cover theft anyway. Plus, if you really want VIN etching, you can often get a DIY kit online for much less than what dealerships charge. 

dashboard-3510327_1280.jpgImage by Peter H from Pixabay

Next time you're sitting in the dealership, ready to make your final decision, remember that not all that glitters is gold, or in this case, not all add-ons are worth it. Be informed, be decisive, and drive away knowing you made the right choices. 


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