10 Things Everyone Hates About Tesla & 10 They Love

10 Things Everyone Hates About Tesla & 10 They Love

Love them or hate them, Teslas are here to stay! Tesla Motors is by far the most iconic and recognizable EV manufacturer on the market — thanks in no small part to its outspoken and ambitious CEO, Elon Musk. Tesla, with Musk at the helm, has spearheaded the shift toward EVs, making it the benchmark against which all other manufacturers are judged. Tesla has certainly set the standard, but what exactly is their standard? Here are 10 things people hate and love about Tesla. 

1. Company's Public Relations

Elon Musk is a divisive figure, to say the least. He’s got his die-hard fans but is also completely reviled by others. Tesla Motors, as an extension of Musk’s technological empire, often carries the brunt of its eccentric and outspoken CEO. His tweets and public statements in particular have led to many a PR disaster — often resulting in waning consumer confidence and volatile stock prices.

Elon-Musk-7159200 1280Image by Mohamed Hassan

2. Inconsistent Build Quality

Higher price points often yield higher expectations, and Tesla cars are certainly no exception. Many consumers and critics have noted inconsistencies in build quality that are unbecoming of a product of such a high price point. With criticisms being levelled at everything from misaligned panels to interior finish problems, it’s easy to see why some people feel that Tesla doesn’t always live up to its prestigious reputation and the price that comes with it. 

Johan-Funke-Fsshfki0Www-UnsplashPhoto by Johan Funke

3. Autopilot Safety Concerns

There’s always going to be some growing pains with any new technological innovation — but some are more painful than others. Tesla's Autopilot feature, while innovative, has faced scrutiny over a multitude of safety concerns. With several reported accidents involving the Autopilot feature, many have raised questions about the technology's reliability as well as the effectiveness of current regulatory oversight that maybe hasn’t done enough to ensure its absolute safety.

Frank-Mckenna-Ap6T4U-Viqw-UnsplashPhoto by frank mckenna

4. Limited Service Centers

Like with most things, it’s all about location, location, location! And in the case of Tesla, you better hope that you’re within range of a service center. Unfortunately, Teslas can only be brought to authorized service centers, making repairs and maintenance a lengthy affair that poses an even greater challenge for anyone living in a more remote area.

Tesla-Fans-Schweiz-2Swawy4Xhb0-UnsplashPhoto by Tesla Fans Schweiz



5. Lack of Traditional Dealerships

As difficult as it is to maintain a Tesla, purchasing one may be even trickier. Tesla's direct-sales model bypasses the traditional dealership model of disturbing cars to independent dealers. Instead, Tesla sells their cars directly to consumers, which can make for a much smoother buying experience. But it also means that dealerships aren’t as plentiful while severely limiting your ability to haggle and negotiate when purchasing a car. 

Screen-Post-Aurqjks4Jp0-Unsplash (1)Photo by SCREEN POST

6. Charging Time and Infrastructure

Despite having one of the best ranges among electric vehicles, many Tesla drivers still experience the dreaded “range anxiety”: a fear of running out of battery without access to a charging station. Although Tesla does have a relatively robust and accessible Supercharger network, charging times and availability in certain areas can still be a hassle, meaning that long trips must always be planned accordingly.

Paul-Steuber-Huv0Jexsi3O-UnsplashPhoto by Paul Steuber

7. Over-reliance on Touchscreen

One of Tesla’s most iconic and distinguishable claims to fame is the gigantic console in the middle of its dashboard. Although lauded for its innovative design mimicking that of a smartphone, the touchscreen dashboard has its detractors as well, many of whom feel this feature can be distracting for drivers and is less intuitive compared to physical buttons and controls, especially while driving.

Brecht-Denil-Tdfmjt78J70-UnsplashPhoto by Brecht Denil

8.High Price Tag

Everyone knows Teslas aren’t cheap. Sure, their fleet sports all the newest bells and whistles, but these cutting-edge frills often come with a pretty hefty price tag. While their electrical efficiency allows them to bypass traditional fuel costs, the upfront price of a Tesla can be enough to detract many buyers, especially when compared to similar cars on the market. 

Ryan-Snaadt- Lzbdkraede-UnsplashPhoto by Ryan Snaadt

9. Depreciation Concerns

All cars depreciate with time, but Tesla’s are different. Many consumers find themselves concerned with the rapid depreciation of Tesla vehicles, particularly as a result of the battery technology therein. The fast pace of technological advancements in EVs means that older models often pale in comparison to their more advanced counterparts, leaving many to worry about how this might affect their future resale value.

Jenny-Ueberberg-Gcjegtxaiuw-UnsplashPhoto by Jenny Ueberberg

10. Environmental Impact of Battery Production

While EVs like Tesla are generally touted as a clean and efficient alternative to traditional fossil fuel-run cars, they also carry with them a whole new slate of environmental concerns. The lithium-ion battery in particular raises many questions regarding the environmental impacts of mining lithium, cobalt and other minerals, all of which have dire ethical implications relating to labour practices as well.

Lenny-Kuhne-Jhz70Nrk7Ns-UnsplashLenny Kuhne


1. Innovative Technology

Tesla cars are renowned for their cutting-edge features and are often at the forefront of innovations in automotive technology. With each new model, Tesla manages to consistently build upon their success with advanced autopilot capabilities, over-the-air software updates, and the potential for full self-driving vehicles sometime in the near future. 

Jenny-Ueberberg-8Zqkemacgla-UnsplashPhoto by Jenny Ueberberg

2. Reduced Environmental Impact

Unlike most traditional car manufacturers on the market, Tesla prides itself on offering consumers a zero-emission, eco-friendly alternative to fuel-powered vehicles. Because of this environmentally conscious drivers looking to make more sustainable choices flock to Tesla for its innovative battery technology, contributing to a reduction in air pollution and a smaller carbon footprint.

Jp-Valery- S5Arluxtyg-UnsplashPhoto by Ryan Snaadt

3. High Performance

The perception among many consumers is that EVs can never live up to, let alone exceed, the performance capabilities of their fuel-powered counterparts. Nonetheless, Teslas Motors has made it their mission to dispel such views by creating vehicles that offer impressive acceleration and top speeds, with performance metrics comparable to that of most luxury sports cars on the market.

Jannes-Glas-87Royqk4T6O-UnsplashPhoto by Jannes Glas

4. Minimalist Design

Whether you like them or not, everyone knows a Tesla when they see one. The sleek, minimalist design of Tesla firmly puts it in a league of its own when it comes to automotive aesthetics. The clean, elegant interior boasting a large dashboard touch screen, in tandem with the smooth lines and futuristic look of the exterior strongly appeals to consumers who appreciate modern and sophisticated vehicle designs. 

Andrew-Mt-Fvt15Cmcsna-UnsplashPhoto by Andrew MT

5. A Quiet Ride

Although off-putting to some, the quiet and serene experience that comes with driving a Tesla is completely unprecedented, especially when compared to traditional combustion engines. In addition to reducing noise pollution, many find that driving a Tesla is simply a more calming and smooth experience, that adds to the overall luxurious nature of the car. 

Malte-Helmhold-Xtrzbyzhdfm-UnsplashPhoto by Ryan Snaadt

6. Status and Community

Tesla, much like any brand, wears its heart on its sleeve. In the eyes of most consumers, Tesla has come to represent innovation, luxury, and prestige. This attracts prospective buyers who not only want a vehicle that represents their ideals, but that also brings with it an exclusive community of like-minded individuals that are supported by active online forums and clubs where they can share experiences, and tips, and organize meet-ups.

Rene-Ranisch-Plf62K6Vu5Q-UnsplashPhoto by René Ranisch


7. Mobile App Integration

The Tesla mobile app offers extensive functionalities, such as remote pre-conditioning, location tracking, and greater oversight when it comes to charging. Mobile app integration means that Tesla owners are just a tap away from getting the most out of their cars with seamless convenience and accessibility.

Screen-Post-Fa6Afs1-Yqa-UnsplashPhoto by SCREEN POST

8. Regenerative Braking

Tesla’s regenerative braking system is not short of a technical marvel, and many owners swear by its effectiveness. Not only does regenerative braking help vehicles conserve energy over time, but it also reduces wear on the brakes, leading to less frequent replacements and maintenance. 

Yannik-Zimmermann-Kaeiys8Va W-UnsplashPhoto by Yannik Zimmermann

9. The Panoramic Glass Roof

When it comes to Tesla, the views are immaculate! With many Teslas now sporting the iconic panoramic glass roof, riders are often left fawning over the expansive sky views, as well as the air and open feeling of sitting inside the cabin. Just another testament to Tesla’s overall emphasis on aesthetic appeal. 


10. Plentiful Entertainment Options

With such a massive touchscreen occupying the dashboard, it’d be a shame to let the space go to waste. Luckily, Tesla has taken this into consideration, in turn, offering the most robust and innovative in-car entertainment system on the market. With access to music and video streaming platforms, as well as video games playable via the touchscreen and steering wheel, Tesla has provided drivers with more than enough to do while waiting for their cars to charge. 

Malte-Helmhold-Fb1Dy-H3Tm0-UnsplashPhoto by Malte Helmhold


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