10 Major Flaws In Electric Cars & 10 Things It Does Better

10 Major Flaws In Electric Cars & 10 Things It Does Better

With the latest advancements in electric cars and their popularity only growing, many believe they are the way forward. Is now the time to join in? Here is a list of 10 of the biggest flaws electric cars currently have and 10 that add to the claim that electric cars are the way of the future.

1. Limited Driving Range

Electric cars typically have a shorter driving range than their gas-powered competition. Most electric vehicles can only travel around 100-150 miles before needing to be recharged.

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2. Refuel Time

The time it takes to charge an electric vehicle is considerably longer than refilling a conventional car. It’s around 30 minutes to charge at a quick-charging station and can take up to 12 hours using a household outlet.

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3. Charging Availability

Most electric car users rely on home charging units but access to public charging stations is still important. Which can be problematic depending on your location. At a certain point if you don’t live close enough to a big city, electric car ownership can become less practical.

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4. Initial Costs

While operating costs for electric cars may be lower, the initial purchase price is often significantly higher. The simple fact that electric cars are not cheap, is definitely something to think about.

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5. Limited Options

Even though manufacturers are constantly bringing in more and more models, the overall variety of electric vehicles is still quite limited. Leaving you with only so many choices to choose from.

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6. Battery Lifespan

The batteries in electric vehicles degrade over time, and will eventually need to be replaced. These batteries are quite a bit more expensive than the AA batteries your used to. It’s a long-term big expense you should know about.

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7. Extreme Weather Performance

Electric cars can suffer from reduced range and performance due to harsh temperatures. This can be inconvenient and limit the usability in many places around the world.

Dario-Gv7Ep7Lkaia-UnsplashPhoto by Dario on Unsplash

8. Charging Electricity Sources

Electric cars are only as environmentally friendly as their power source. If the electricity used to charge your vehicle comes from coal-fired power plants, you’re still creating environmental pollution.

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9. Lack Of Repair Options

Due to how new electric cars are, there are relatively few mechanics trained to service them. You may find it difficult to find repair services and you’ll have to pay a premium.

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10. Silent Operation Hazards

Due to the quiet nature of electric vehicles, they can be a hazard for pedestrians and cyclists who don’t hear them approaching. It just means as the driver, you should be extra careful (not that you shouldn't already be).

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1. Environmentally Friendly

Electric cars have no tailpipe emissions, which help make them a great solution for reducing green house gasses. With people nowadays more focused on helping the environment, it makes electric cars a good choice for the cause.

Martin-Katler-Dijr M1Mv A-UnsplashPhoto by Martin Katler on Unsplash

2. Lower Operating Costs

While electric vehicles aren’t cheap, they offer significantly lower operating costs. You’ll save money on fuel costs as well as maintenance due to fewer fluid changes and less moving parts.

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3. Convenient Charging

Electric vehicle can be charged at your home using a charging station. This makes recharging quite convenient for short drives and eliminates the weekly trip to the gas station.

Zaptec-Abjcc Stuxs-UnsplashPhoto by Zaptec on Unsplash

4. Silent Operation

Electric cars are significantly more quiet than their gas powered competition. The silence of the ride can make you feel more comfortable and peaceful.

Jp-Valery-Rqub4Zzuocs-UnsplashPhoto by Jp Valery on Unsplash

5. Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking allows electric cars to convert some of the kinetic energy used to slow down and turns it into energy which can be used to run the car. Just another way electric cars are maximizing energy to the fullest.

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6. Direct Driving

Electric vehicles have a direct drive system that allows for faster acceleration compared to gas powered cars. The acceleration is both thrilling and useful to get past cars when at a stop.

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7. Government Incentives

Many governments offer incentives to get you into an electric vehicle. These can be anything from tax credits to rebates and help reduce your overall costs.


8. Technological Innovations

Most electric vehicles are at the forefront of the latest technology. Amazing features like self driving, regenerative braking and advanced infotainment systems are for the most part, only found in electric cars.

Roberto-Nickson-Ddjl0Cicdr4-UnsplashPhoto by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash 

9. Smooth Performance

Electric cars offer some of the most relaxed driving out there. Electric engines run seamlessly with the computer systems to offer a uniquely smooth driving experience.

Bram-Van-Oost-Eapkue76Ip4-Unsplash(1)Photo by Bram Van Oost on Unsplash

10. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Electric cars can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. If everyone were to drive an electric car it would significantly slow down global warming and we’d have a much healthier planet!

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