The Most Scenic Routes to Drive in Canada

The Most Scenic Routes to Drive in Canada

Have you ever dreamt about driving down a road that seems to stretch endlessly as you pass by vibrant landscapes just bursting with beauty? Well, this dream can become a reality. Canada, with its vast wilderness, jaw-dropping mountain ranges, glistening lakes, and diverse wildlife, is able to offer you exhilarating driving experiences you could never dream of. Besides, there’s no better way to enjoy all of Canada’s natural wonders than embarking on a road trip along its most scenic routes. Let’s explore five of these picturesque paths that will surely leave any car lover, nature enthusiast, or avid traveler yearning for more.

1. The Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

One of Canada’s most beloved driving routes belongs to the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia. This 298-kilometre journey skirts around the edges of Cape Breton Island, offering drivers a view of the breathtaking vistas of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Cape Breton Highlands. As you cruise along these highland cliffs that plunge into the sea, you may be lucky enough to spot the occasional moose and bald eagles. Don’t forget to take a break in some of the charming seaside villages that offer the most delicious fresh seafood and wonderful Celtic and Acadian musical performances. The Cabot Drive is more than just a drive - it’s a wonderful cultural and natural exploration of the beauty of Canada.

tobias-negele-w_bqxBzYvDs-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Tobias Negele on Unsplash

2. Icefields Parkway, Alberta

Tracing a path through the heart of the wondrous Canadian Rockies, the Icefields Parkway (also known as Highway 93 North) is a stunning 232-kilometre drive full of beautiful sights. This route connects Lake Louise with Jasper and is covered with over 100 ancient glaciers, cascading waterfalls, turquoise lakes, and sprawling valleys that all serve as habitats for a rich variety of wildlife. Some must-see landmarks along the way include the Columbia Icefield and the mesmerizing Athabasca Glacier. Trust me when we say this drive will make you feel like you’ve entered a living postcard.

chris-henry-ZaT1RghkxsE-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Chris Henry on Unsplash

3. The Sea-to-Sky Highway, British Columbia

From the bustling coastal city of Vancouver to the popular mountain resort town of Whistler, the Sea-to-Sky Highway is a 120-kilometre feast for the eyes. As you ascend from sea level through the lush rainforest into the peaks of the Coast Mountains, you’ll witness plenty of beautiful sights. From clear views of the ocean to the mighty mountains, waterfalls, and historic sites, there’s so much to take in as you drive along this famous route. As you make your way up, don’t forget to visit the Britannia Mine Museum, Shannon Falls, and the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre to truly appreciate the area’s rich history and natural beauty.

lee-robinson-Yc9h5SJdEzI-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Lee Robinson on Unsplash

4. The Trans-Labrador Highway, Labrador

Approximately 1200 kilometres long, the Trans-Labrador Highway is definitely not one for the faint-hearted. Cutting through the rugged wilderness of eastern Canada, this amazing route offers views of raw, untouched landscapes that many will never live to witness. From the barren, beautiful tundra to the dazzling Northern Lights in the winter, driving this highway gives you a front-row seat to the beauty of nature. As this is one of the longer drives on this list, make sure you’re well-prepared with a full tank of gas before embarking on this exceptional journey through one of Canada’s most remote regions.

erik-mclean-7y4oWYSeqbU-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Erik Mclean on Unsplash


5. The Pacific Rim Highway, British Columbia

Hopping back on the list a second time, British Columbia is full of beautiful scenic drives. Highway 4, better known as the Pacific Rim Highway, is a winding and thrilling 163-kilometre drive across Vancouver Island. The route’s diverse beauty will keep you captivated as you drive past the sandy beaches of Parksville to the rugged wilderness of Tofino on the island’s west coast. This journey crosses the spine of Vancouver Island, showcasing plenty of natural wonders such as old-growth rainforests, the mesmerizing MacMillan Provincial Park’s Cathedral Grove, and the beautifully tranquil Sproat Lake. Once you arrive at Tofino, you’ll also be greeted with stunning vistas of the Pacific Ocean, a climax worthy of such a spectacular drive.

lesli-whitecotton-EKjlh8E2Dl0-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Lesli Whitecotton on Unsplash

With Canada full of diverse and stunning landscapes, these five amazing scenic routes are just a taste of what this beautiful country has to offer. So, it’s time to start those engines, roll down the windows, and cruise along some of the world’s finest sights!


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