All About Sedan Cars

All About Sedan Cars

Sedans (sometimes referred to as Saloons) is the ideal car for multiple passengers to enjoy optimal space. They are often compared to SUVs except they vary in the number of seats, size and separation of compartments. Here's are further explanations and examples of Sedans. 

For the most part, a sedan is an automobile that has a three-box configuration with pillars A, B and C. Sedans are also composed of three major compartments; cargo, passenger and an engine. The passenger compartments include two rows of seating suitable for even adults. Cargo compartments are found at the back because Sedans tend to have engines in the rear.

obi-onyeador-XrYT-P1Cy-M-unsplash-300x226.jpgObi Onyeador

Hatchback Sedans

Hatchbacks are also known as liftback sedans are lifted by a hatch instead of a trunk lid with fastback car frames. These sedans are usually 4 or 5-door vehicles like the Audi A5 Sportback. Whereas, liftback sedans are usually 2 or 3-door like the Ford Fiesta and Focus.

obi-onyeador-D1M7c23vfO0-unsplash-300x218.jpgObi Onyeador

Fastback Sedans

Fastback sedans have a slope that extends from the roof to the trunk and is usually 2-box. Others are nearly one-box cars that have windshields raked from the hood. 

markus-spiske-cItfs-i02cU-unsplash-200x300.jpgMarkus Spiske

Club Sedans

Club Sedans were extremely popular in the U.S in the 1920s to 50s and followed the 2 or 4 door car model but include a shorter interior area and roof. The word "club" was a classy term and was associated with luxury vehicles. 

hayes-potter-OQZgu5iYsZI-unsplash-300x210.jpgHayes Potter


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