Real Life BFF’s Who Turned Into Total Frenemies

Real Life BFF’s Who Turned Into Total Frenemies


It's been said that a friend is just an enemy that hasn't attacked yet. While there are plenty of true, steadfast friends who will never desert you, there are also plenty of BFFs who can turn vicious in an instant. Here are some real life examples of BFFs who became frenemies overnight.

This Friendship is a Punishment


I have a daughter with a genetic disorder, who was really sick when she was born, which was shocking to everyone because we had no idea anything was wrong.

As we were processing and grieving she (ex best friend) told me "my mom and me think that she's (my daughter) a punishment from God for your past sins." Story credit: Reddit / assamperstamptitties

Sick Leave


He met his current girlfriend and slowly started neglecting his friends instead hanging out with his girlfriend. Now it may sound petty but I had known this guy for nearly 20 years from the first day of school. This girl also seemed to change him as a person becoming alot more spiteful and depressed.

The straw that broke the camels back for me was when I invited him to the pub for my birthday, less than an hour before we were due to meet up he text me saying he was ill and couldn't make it. I said "Ahhh thats cool man, if you are ill I won't force you to come out."

So I went out and met the rest of my friends at the pub, a couple of hours later I see him and his girlfriend (and some of her friends) coming out of another pub close by. I confronted him then and there, I did not hold anything back.

It ended with me saying I was just done trying with him and that he was not worth my time any more. That was the last time I spoke to him coming up on a year since that point. Story credit: Reddit / TheBeardyGamer

Don't Work With Friends


I fired him. Not as my friend - I employed him to help him out, and ended up needing to let him go. He wants nothing to do with me now.

Don't work with friends. Story credit: Reddit / Elek1138

Maid the Effort


She was maid of honor in my wedding. After, I would try to make plans with her for lunch or whatever, and she always cancelled the day of. Never gave a reason just "oh I forgot I can't, some other time".

I realized I was the only one putting in any effort so I just stopped trying to do things with her. I figured if she wanted to do something she'd get ahold of me.

I got married in July of this year, haven't heard from her since. Story credit: Reddit / effincourtney


The Vampire


She's toxic. Another friend of mine described her as an energy sucker, which I found to be really accurate. She always has to have attention from men, even if that means causing needless drama to get them to focus on her. She's difficult to deal with because of this need for attention.

I love her, and she knows me better than 98% of the people in my life but as we've gotten older her adult mode hasn't clicked on while mine has and it's hard for me to spend time with her because our priorities are so different now. Story credit: Reddit / Ginger_Ale232

Six Month Delay


My high school best friend got into college around six months before me (it happens in my country). She then stopped talking to me altogether. When I finally got into college, she decided it was too shameful to hangout with someone who was six months behind her.

She'd still talk and go out with other friends from HS, but I was completely ignored by her. Story credit: Reddit / photomotto



She had a baby, and then one day we were having lunch and she told me "You know, I only want to hang out with other moms from now on."

I didn't quite get the hint, but she ignored all my texts and emails for a few months and I finally realized what she was trying to tell me back there. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]



Almost all of my married friends stopped inviting me places because I'm not married. My one friend even said, I kid you not, "Well when you get married you're back in the group."

No thank you. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]



He cut me out of his life. He was my best friend for 15+ years. We had grown a bit apart due to different lifestyle choices, but we always spoke at least once a week and found time to spend with each other.

He was constantly talking about feeling stuck in our home town and wanting to explore the world, but worried about paying for it. About two years ago I helped him get a job with my company.

It was not a very exciting job, but it paid twice as much as he was making before, so I figured it would help him save up for traveling.

About six months into the job, we were working together and got into an argument. We had fought a few times in our friendship and this did not seem any different than other times; I was over it by the time I went home.

He missed the next 2-3 days of work, then emailed our manager saying he quit. He removed me from all of his friends lists, and will not respond to phone calls, text messages, or emails.

I admit I am not the easiest person to get along with at times, but after a 15 year relationship I would have liked to at least said a proper goodbye.

It has been 18 months since he's talked to me. He was my guy and now most days I feel alone. Story credit: Reddit / swedy17

Stolen By the Sibling


She married my brother. Story credit: Reddit / GenJonesMom


Backstage Drama


My ex best friend's boyfriend was complete trash and she ended up choosing him over our friendship. The best part is that the reason he didn't like me was because I didn't offer him backstage passes to a concert (he was stupid enough to say this to me).

He told me that my friendship with her was no longer going to work and she just sat there and didn't say ANYTHING. Even though they broke up a while back those two losers deserve each other. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

Nobody Makes My Sister Cry But Me!


He decided to date my sister then dropped her like a hot potato. After, he tried to be cool like it was no big deal.

Nope. Go away. Now. Story credit: Reddit / JosefthePainter

Can't Change, Won't Change


She was essentially still a child at age 17, she blamed her anxiety for just about anything wrong with her life. Because of her anxiety she couldn't drive a car, get a job, order a pizza or literally anything else that required effort. Needless to say it made hanging out with her extremely tiring.

We became enemies when I tried suggesting simple changes to help with her anxiety and she told me I was an asshole for not understanding her mental illness. I told her she needed to grow up and she's hated me ever since.

Not necessarily enemies but I wouldn't help her if she was hanging off a cliff, her anxiety would probably kick in If I touched her hand. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

The Leech


He dated another friend of mine on and off through middle and high school. Tried to convince them not to get married right out of high school, but they did. She took an almost full-time job and was going to college. He worked one weekend a month and two weeks a year in the reserves.

Most of the time he say around at home and did nothing. No housework of any kind, often had his little brother babysit the kid for him while he was home so he could smoke, drink, and play video games.

I once came over to take a look at his broken computer and it has a fried power supply because roaches were nesting in it.

He said he was working extra with the reserves, and maybe he did some, but his wife caught him emailing with a girl from another state offering to fly her in, spend a few days with her and tell his wife that he was working.

He told her it would never happen again, but it did. While his wife was pregnant with their second child. He did practically nothing in that relationship. He was a leech. Story credit: Reddit / iammandalore

Keyboard Warrior


We differed on a lot of political/social beliefs, and I'm a live and let live kind of guy. The problem was they couldn't let it go.

All our interactions ended up being them acting like an ass responding to anything I'd post on social media, me trying to laugh it off and calling to make peace and say we should hang out, then crickets until the next haranguing.

It got old, and exhausting, and in the end it was easier and more sanity preserving to cut that tie. Story credit: Reddit / daecrist

Changing Her Mind


She broke up with me after a 3 year relationship while I was in the midst of trying to move into an apartment that would accommodate her and her son, while putting a down payment on a ring. Killed the paperwork I was working on to become a legal guardian for her son.

And then proceeded to trash talk me on Facebook to a bunch of our mutual friends. I know I wasn't perfect, but I was trying my damndest to be a good partner to her and a good parental figure to her son.

I was very much looking forward to having him as my legal son, and hopefully giving him a sibling. I thought it was all going to work out. Turns out she changed her mind about me months prior, never talked with me about it, and just yanked the plug.

It devastated me emotionally, and now six years on I have yet to pick up the pieces and find another meaningful relationship. I'm convinced that women now see me as damaged property, not worth the time or effort.

And while I don't resent her anymore, I also wouldn't lift a finger to help her. Unless it involved her son, I would still move heaven and earth for him. Story credit: Reddit / Osiris32


Water Warfare


In High School, me and my ‘best friend’ were inseparable. When I say inseparable, I mean that we begged teachers to move us next to each other on the seating plan. One day, in math class, I walked in as usual and took my seat next to my ‘best friend’.

I, of course said hello, but unlike every other day she ignored me and the rest of the lesson was spent in uncomfortable silence. This happened on and off for weeks, until I talked to her about it. Apparently, I was ditching her for other people. Which was not the case.

(I'm an introvert so I find making new friends hard) I tried to sort it out but the situation progressively got worse until one day I knew I hated her. I was walking home with some new friends and she was walking in front. At this point, we didn't speak a word to each other.

My friend accidentally threw some water on the floor and some spilt on my ex-best friend. The next thing I know is she gets in her car, tells her Mom I threw water on her and then her mom starts shouting abuse at me.

Some people near by even thought about calling the police. So thats why I now hate her and her family. Story credit: Reddit / aliceg307



She found out I was gay and started outing me to people. At first I didn’t really know why she’d stopped talking to me- we went to the same school she lived next door to me and I could not get an answer. I couldn’t even look at her in class without getting nauseous it made me so anxious and angry.

Months later I found out after she had stopped talking to me her younger sister told my brother I was “a lesbian who has no friends”. He came home crying. Story credit: Reddit / Evergreen19

Guilt Trip


He made up rumors behind my back, then tried to guilt trip me about me being his best friend when I confronted him. Aside from that in hindsight I realized he was a very messed up dude.

Last I heard about him he ran away to a state 8 hours from our hometown right after he graduated high school with a girl he’d been dating for 2 months, while cutting off the few friends he had back in his hometown. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

Getting Schooled


I was a bad best friend. Growing up I watched as my father left my family, leaving my mom to pick up the pieces. She work 3-4 jobs growing up. My biggest fear was becoming like her, not that I don’t love her but I just didn’t want to become as miserable as she did.

So before I went into high school I got serious. Cut off all my friends to focus on getting into a good school. I did. I’m fairly successful now but I’m lonely and feel like dirt.

I know my old best friend is a “starving artist” now but she’s happy. So I guess I’m the one who messed up huh. Story credit: Reddit / R3dzircon



After my ex and I broke up (her and her partner were also friends with him), all she ever wanted to talk about was him. Always made sure to sneak what he was up to and who he was dating into any conversation we had. On top of that, she would talk poorly about all the people in her friends group.

Got me thinking, if she's saying this about people I don't know, what is she saying about me? I kindly asked her a few times to stop bringing up my ex as I've moved on and don't care to know ANY details about his life and that i would hope she is not telling him anything about me.

She kept it up, I cut her out of my life. Removed her from all social media, I don't want her knowing anything about my life nor do I want to know anything about hers. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

A Person, Not a Thing


Well, all throughout our friendship he treated me like dirt… I should have seen it, but I was in the middle of… being passionately hugged against my will… and I just wanted someone who cared… anyway…

After years of mental and emotional abuse he finally did something that broke any compassion for him in my mind.

I had come out as transgender, and he would not let me around anyone he associated with anymore. Then he asked my brother, and I quote, "How can you live there with that… thing??? It's disgusting how that monster thinks, isn't it???" I lost it, and just left…

The worst thing? My brother didn't stand up for me, he didn't respond, he just chuckled, because the rest of the group was laughing and he just wanted to fit in. Anyway, yeah, that was the last time I thought of him with any sort of compassion Story credit: Reddit / Sarahzabearah




Told me to starve myself to be skinny like her. Got mad at me when I couldn't talk on the phone for 7+ hours a day or hang out all the time, especially after knowing I'm extremely introverted.

Told me bisexuality wasnt real. Made me feel like dirt all the time about my mannerisms. Talked about me behind my back. The list goes on.

I hate confrontation so I never said anything to her, just blocked her one day after hearing for the umpteenth time that anorexia is exactly what will make me feel better about myself. Story credit: Reddit / Ryattier

Lack of Training


Hired him and have him a chance to work in IT field and learn and grow. Time goes on and positions change, he no longer reported to me, and to cover his own ass with his new boss he told him and his boss (my boss) that I never trained him. Ever.

He worked with me for two years prior to this incident and every time I do training I have it in email and they have a formstack to fill out acknowledging the training etc etc. anyway they flat out told them that to my face.

Never again. Story credit: Reddit / captthulkman

Birthday Drama


He always had this tough guy macho temper that came out when we were drinking or even when sober at social gatherings.

It was always annoying and caused drama but it boiled over when he got unreasonably mad for no reason and forcibly kicked out one of my brother's close friends at his house party on new year's.

Then it happened again a month later at a friend's birthday party, he got drunk and was yelling at my friend, whose birthday it was. We almost fought.

This was years ago. We didn't associate with him for a long time after. He's gone and become a lawyer in Manhattan so that's good for him. Story credit: Reddit / aa821

Knife To See You


There was a knife involved… it didn’t go so well after that. Story credit: Reddit / TanklessSyren

Town Gossip


14 years of friendship but over the last few years I always knew I couldn’t trust her with my secrets. After a few incidents that I forgave her I knew that I couldn’t tell her something that happened in my life. If that had come out it would have hurt a lot of people.

However she did suspect something and spread a rumour and when I confronted her about it she decided she would never want to talk to me again and I was a bad friend for not trusting her.

Now I can barely go through my hometown without getting weird looks and rude comments by a lot of people. Story credit: Reddit / laraaa__

Authority Worship


My best friend sided with my mean step mother when my dad divorced her and I decided she couldn't be a part of my life anymore. Said friend decided that my step mother was a saint and I owed her an apology for the way I'd behaved throughout my teen years.

I was dumbfounded because this was my only friend and I'd confided in her all the horrible emotional abuse id gone through. But it was my fault. And it was my fault my dad cheated on her too. Yup. I don't hate this friend.

I was angry but I kinda realized that she's always been the sort of person who needs authority figures to like her. She told me she was glad her (undocumented) dad got deported because it was illegal for him to be here. Yup. Glad she's not in my life anymore. Story credit: Reddit / caffieneandsarcasm

Secret Stealer


She told everyone in my class about my self-hatred. I begged her to keep it secret. Now the only people who knows about it is my best internet friend who's trying to help me as best as she can and myself. Story credit: Reddit / Dying_Detective

Worst Pool Party Ever


She tried to drown me in a pool. Like, actually. She prevented me from being able to use my arms and legs and held them together since she was bigger and stronger than I was and she held me underwater until I managed to break out of her grip.

Her reason? Honestly who knows. Story credit: Reddit / mint-juul-pods

Insincere Wingman


Knew about my feelings for a girl, tried to make it work out for me in front of me but behind the scenes tried to hit it off with her.

Jokes on you dude, we together for 3 months now. Story credit: Reddit / classican2018

Thief and Liar


I fell in love with my best friend of 5 years only to have her steal thousands of dollars from me and my family, cheat on me with her ex, leave me overnight, then tell all of my friends and coworkers that I mistreated her. The best part? They believed her.

I was ostracized and I still have no friends. Even my family holds a grudge against me for even falling in love with her in the first place. She lives in my town and apparently still tells people how much of a scumbag I am. I really wish she'd just leave me be. Story credit: Reddit / Caleon0817

Falling In With The Wrong Crowd


I used to have a best friend whom I did everything with. He was always kind, but he was very weak minded and dependent. I did all I could for him, but he got in with some bad people, and they persuaded him into thinking that he didn't need anyone else except that certain group.

He believed them, and he had psychically assaulted me when I told him it was all a lie, which at the time brought an ungodly amount of hate to my mind when I thought about him.

We're enemies, but I'm no longer upset or angry with him. I feel bad, if anything. I don't know where he is or what he's doing now, but I can't imagine it's anything good. Story credit: Reddit / mothwingisaghost

Taking Advantage of Friendship


He deliberatly messed with my other best friend whom I consider my little sister. I knew him since I was 3yrs old and when he needed an apartment I arranged for him to move in with my female best friend. She is something like a little jesus (not religious but simply a very careing and selfless person)

He just lived on her expense, stole and started to treat her really badly... I totaly snapped and made his live a nightmare after she called me crying. We never saw him again. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

Punch Buddies


Secretely organized my bullies to bully me in school while still playing best friend, telling the class all my private secrets and making discusting rumors up.

When I found out, I may have punched him in the face. Story credit: Reddit / TheMoroneer

How You Doin'?


Friend of two years. Got pretty close towards the end of that time. I asked her how she was in a way she didn’t like and she ghosted me. Story credit: Reddit / AggressiveSpatula

Target Practice


His brother gave him a crab apple and he purposely aimed for my sister bearing in mind he was being scouted to a soft ball team and he aimed for my little sisters head.

BTW if you care she is perfectly fine and now has a fear of apples and anything apple related. Story credit: Reddit / dr_death0512



Gaslighting can happen between friends. I was someone they could control and have at their beck and call, not a friend. We were close for 8 years before I realized that friendship shouldn't feel like constant fear of being lashed out on without warning.

It took support from family and un-connected friends to cut ties. We are not enemies, but we are doing our own thing. I wish them the best but I do not want them a part of my life going forward. Story credit: Reddit / loudlydreaming



I stopped talking to him recently after I saw how bad his comments towards our female classmate and other females actually was. (inappropriate remarks about clothes, things he wanted to do, actually stalking someone, to name a few) Story credit: Reddit / Dadcrow

Good Grief


I lost my friends when my son died. Instead of being supportive, they harassed me to come out drinking, or go to the bar. Like I had just been through a breakup and needed to go out. No, literally 24 hours ago I buried my baby in the ground.

What is even more messed up, I said "I know you guys mean well but I don't want to leave the house right now, my child just died. I am losing my mind. You can come come over or even watch TV with me."

No one came, no one called. I was a jerk for shooting down going to the bar. Literally, the four girls I knew my whole life, bailed on me when I needed them the most.

It hurt. It hurts still but good riddance to them is all I can say. People's true colors come out when you go through a tragedy and it sucks. Story credit: Reddit / GrotskyBiotch86

Not a Fair Trade


His girlfriend who was on probation stole $300 from me and hurt my cat. My former friend refused to believe she could do such a thing and got mad at me about it. Former friend decided that free housekeeping outweighed 20+ years of friendship with me. Story credit: Reddit / ImALittleCrackpot



I left the Mormon church. I lost many friends the moment they found out I left. I even lost a 'Christian' friend because at least as a Mormon I believed in the Bible - now he doesn't know who I am or what I believe anymore.

I have new friends now, but most of my Mormon friends treat me like I died. Story credit: Reddit / four_father



She'd only really message me if she wanted something. If she was down I'd try my best but if I was upset it was 'oh I'm really not in the right place right now, talk later' which is fair enough but I always tried to help her.

She'd also message me screenshots of the argument with her boyfriend, they're a terrible couple and my advice is always either 'dump him' or 'talk it out' which is never what she wants to hear but what am I supposed to do about it?

I guess she just wants validation she's right to be annoyed but she can be really unreasonable sometimes. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

Laundry List


She was toxic. Always one-upping me, comparing us and making herself feel better about her appearance, always leaving me for other "best friends" and telling them all of my personal life… The list goes on. Story credit: Reddit / fu_kery

That Escalated Quickly


She flipped and went Super Saiyan because I had the audacity to make plans with another friend, and invite her. Instead of making plans with her first then inviting my other friend.

She then pinned me to a chair and started screaming in my face. Thats the day I fired my maid of honour, and booted her from my life. She then smashed my car window that night.nStory credit: Reddit / vivilessthanthree

Failure to Launch


Being around her became very draining. She was my best friend since kindergarten.

She was never able to talk about anyone but herself, and eventually, the only jokes she'd make were severely self-depreciating (about her weight, her depression, all her flaws - serious things that I could not laugh about and brought the mood down every time).

She had social anxiety so we were never able to go out and make new experiences together, and while I tried so, so hard for so many years to keep her actively included in group activities, she just did not cooperate - but complained when I didn't do it.

All of our conversations ended up "remember when we did this?", half-laughing at stale, decade-old in-jokes, and playing single-player video games that she wouldn't share; I was supposed to think watching is just as fun (it worked like this our whole lives. We're 20 now.).

Her goal is to never leave her parents' house and be on welfare the rest of her life (they enable this). I basically ghosted when we graduated high school. I feel terrible, but I felt worse when I had to look after her. Story credit: Reddit / Lost-Paperclip

Not Exactly Sam and Frodo


Ah, my highschool best friend. We weren't very alike at all. "Anna" was this super bubbly and cheerful feminine girl, and I was a sarcastic pile of nerd in vaguely human form. A kind of geek-tomboy.

We actually meshed pretty well, but from the get go, she was the kind of person who'd turn up to parties on the wrong day because she'd get mixed up. Her parents didn't like me much, because I was into heathen stuff like Lord of the Rings.

Anna couldn't form an opinion if it wasn't exactly the same as her Dads. I remember in 2006, she argued vehemently that there was no future in I.T. because her Dad said it was a waste of time.

Facts didn't matter if her Dad didn't like them. We stayed close until after school ended, and since our birthdays were only a week apart, we always had a combined party.

Three weeks before my eighteenth, I got tickets to a convention. I called her that day to let her know that we'd have to do separate parties. I asked if she wanted to come to the con with me. She said no, not her thing. Cool.

Literally the day my group is going, she calls to ask when she can expect us around to her place for the party and ice skating. I remind her that we're going to the con. She looses her cool at me. Gets real nasty over the phone and hangs up.

Calls everyone else to try to convince them to ditch the con and come to hers. They all say no. She calls my parents and tries to get them to stop me from going...yeah no. Went, but the whole thing was soured by her reaction.

I don't think she ever spoke to me again herself, but I'd often meet people in my social circles who'd treat me like trash "because of what you did to Anna." Took ages for people to stop thinking I was a complete and utter toad. Maybe they just grew up.

Either way, bit of a crummy end to a six year friendship. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

Jazz Queen


She quit being my friend towards the end of our senior year of high school. We went to a small school where there was a homecoming coronation for everything. She wanted to be band queen really badly, but I won.

Not because I campaigned or anything, but probably because I was the band president, the only senior girl in jazz band, and hung out with some of the younger kids because I have a younger brother and/or they were in jazz with me.

Even her mom was mad at me for winning it, even though I literally did nothing. It was just a vote of all the band kids. I wasn't about to apologize for it either, because it wasn't my fault and it's a really stupid reason to cut off your best friend.

Now almost ten years later, I still don't regret not apologizing but it does kind of make me sad that I don't talk to anyone from high school anymore. But I've got much better college friends and now work friends so I don't need that kind of negativity. Story credit: Reddit / princessavery

Email Reconnection


Because I abused his love, kindness and support. I was in a terrible place in my life and had an emotionally abusive ex that I couldn't stay away from and i would drop my friend every time the ex would take me back. I was terrible to him.

What really sucks, is that I think somewhere deep down I was a little bit in love with my friend but I never ever thought he would feel the same and so I ended up being awful to him.

I actually dreamed about him last night. I think I'm going to send an apology email. We casually talk now but I think I need to suck that poison out of my life still. EDIT: I sent him an email.

EDIT2: He responded! It was really nice. He just said we know we had our ups and downs but he always remembers the good times and he thinks we will be friends for a long time even if we have some years where we don't talk as much.

It was good. I feel like I got it off my chest and I can move forward knowing I've said I was sorry. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

A Happy Ending


My best friend from high school fell off the face of the earth when I needed her most, I had a precancerous tumor and had to have surgery. I was terrified and she wasn't there for me.

It didn't make any sense. Almost a year after we stopped speaking, a mutual friend informed me that her father had just lost his battle to cancer (I had no idea he had it).

She wasn't there for me because she had to be there for her father, and I then understood that she probably couldn't emotionally handle both* situations at the same time. It was then when I decided I would take a chance and attend the wake.

I was so nervous when I got there because I hadn't seen her in over a year, but when I walked in and she saw me, she immediately burst into tears and gave me the biggest hug.

To this day, that moment was one of the best I ever experienced. I got my friend back. A year and a half after that, I was the maid of honor at her wedding.

I know not every situation turns out as well as mine, and I'm sure there are people who bail because they simply don't care, but in my case all it took was a bold effort by me and it worked out in the end. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

The Prom Queen Vendetta


Prom night, the peak of high school social life, became the end of a friendship for me. My friend wanted to be prom queen so badly that she ended our friendship when I won. It was the sweetest moment for me, being crowned and cheered by my classmates, but for her, it was a slap on the face. She confronted me the moment I stepped down the stage, her face twisted with fury. 'How dare you steal that away from me!' she bellowed. I was stunned by her reaction, left speechless by the venom in her words. Instead of reacting, I decided to let her cool down, naively thinking she'd get over it the next day. Oh, how wrong I was!

The following day at school, I felt like a lamb being led to slaughter. The entire school was looking at me, their eyes filled with a frenzied excitement that made my heart race. As I navigated through the whispering crowd, the loudspeaker came to life, 'MS. SHARPE, GO TO THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE. NOW!' The commanding tone of the principal left no room for delay. As I made my way to the principal's office, I couldn't shake off the feeling of impending doom. The satisfaction of being prom queen had turned into a terrifying ordeal, and I found myself caught in the crosshairs of a spiteful vendetta.



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