People From Around The World Share Nightmare Stories Of Meeting Online Friends

People From Around The World Share Nightmare Stories Of Meeting Online Friends

The internet has a wonderful way of bringing people together. Sometimes literally.

Just be careful when you go out to meet someone from the internet because it turns out people can be crazy. (This, of course, is why I never leave my basement.)

While you are safe and sound locked in your bathroom reading this on your smart-phone, take these stories to heart before deciding to meet that cool guy you met on the Neopets chatroom. Because maybe he's a serial killer. Or maybe he's just smelly. Who knows?

But it's probably one of the two...

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29. That's a big oof

Met a fellow 7th grader on Xbox, and we were pretty great friends. Even after I quit playing Xbox, we still kept in touch. He only lived two towns over, but it was right on the edge of where my parents would drive me.

So after high school graduation, I finally made it out to see him for the first time. We were having fun until I asked him “hey is Blank coming?”

Blank was a middle school girlfriend he had that we’d talk about a lot because I’d third wheel a lot of Xbox live parties with them and we had a few inside jokes.

He and his friends winced and chuckled (kind of the awkward reaction I was aiming for) then I piece together from old memories that the other dude in his friend group used to date her too and how they’d gloat about being Eskimo brothers so he’d probably remember who I was from Xbox as well.

After a few more jokes, my friend leans in on me and goes “Hey I know you’re not from around the area or nothing, but she died in a car accident a few months ago.”

I immediately shut up and left. They told me they were fine with it all and we should hang out again, but when you’re making explicit jokes about someone who’s obituary stated they played piano for the church and consecutive years on the honor roll, you don’t really want to go back round those there parts.

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28. This story got way sadder then I wanted it to

I used to play counter strike 1.6 with one of the funniest and most lively guys I've ever met. He was a lynch-pin for half a dozen other guys in a friendship group that he welcomed me into. They lived about 200 miles south of me in the South of England. For several years we talked and played games together. He would brighten my day. I've never loved a friend like I loved him. Before I met him I had no idea he was sick. Like... Really sick.

He had muscular dystrophy for which there is no cure and is a progressively debilitating disease. His form started by paralyzing his legs, and working it's way up to his arms and eventually his lungs. It wasn't until a few days before I had arranged for my first ever trip down there that he told me about it. It didn't phase me in the slightest, it made me want to go see him even more. I only saw him in real life twice before he died about a year later. I regret that I couldn't go to his funeral. It was too far away and I couldn't make it.

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27. Sounds like a bad time

Met a girl I really liked on World of Warcraft but she lived in another country. After a couple of vacations there it turned into a relationship. Made the decision to move and start a new life there with her. After living there for 4 months I slowly realized she was crazy. Huge mood swings paired with a lot of aggression. Ended up getting stabbed in the side by her while asleep. Needless to say, after getting out of the hospital I took the first plane back home, she's still in a psychiatric hospital.

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26. Where did she go

I was 13 and had a 20 year old pen pal in Hong Kong, both of us female. We met on Tumblr and emailed each other regularly. My parents were CC'ed in all our correspondence, and we basically just talked about our cultures. About a year of us talking went by, and she said that her university allowed her to study abroad in Europe for a semester and she chose my country. Fun! I was excited. However, some time went by and our friendship kinda faded, to the point where I had forgotten she was even coming to my country.

About 2 weeks before she was supposed to come, she emailed me that her student accommodation had to be cleaned out, so she couldn't access it on the night that she arrived. She needed a place to stay for one night. I asked my mam and she agreed to pick her up from the airport with me, and she could stay with us for one night. I mean, we trusted this girl. I was very open about my friendship with her, we had pictures and everything.

So 2 weeks later, we pick her up from the airport. And we didn't click. She kinda annoyed me, but it was late and so we just went home. We get home and get her settled. We went up to my room, she gave me some presents and we chat a little bit. She says "thanks for letting me stay here this semester!"

Huh? Excuse me? This semester?

I asked her, like, what do you mean? You can stay here tonight. We can see each other during the weekends if you want to hang out, but you can't stay here.

She goes quiet. We go to sleep. At this point I just wanted her to go away. And I got what I wanted.

The next morning I wake up, and she's gone. I don't even know how she got out because we lock the doors at night, but she just vanished. (We have special locks that you need a key for to open, and the key was somewhere else in the house. Yes, I think this is a fire hazard. No, my mom can't be convinced it's unnecessary) Her suitcase was still there. I tried calling her, she didn't pick up. She eventually texted me, asking if my mother could drop off her suitcase at a train station 40 minutes away at a certain time. My mother brought the suitcase, and that was that. Never seen her or spoken to her again after that.

Now that I think about it, I have a theory about why this went down like it did. She most likely put down my address on her visa application as her place of residence during her stay and needed to stay in my house in case immigration was going to check if she was actually there.

She treated my mother like a taxi driver and she shot down everything I said to her. She was rude to me until she gave me the presents, after which she directly started talking about staying with me the whole semester. She didn't want to talk to me after I said that I had told her she could stay for one night on that exact date. I told her we could discuss it with my parents in the morning. Her and my English were both great, and we had discussed specific dates.



25. Classic friendship

Met up with a friend I met in World of Warcraft.

I fell down steps.

Instead of helping or asking if I am okay, she laughed. Hard. Like, not breathing, on the floor. gasping for air, seal clapping hard.

We've been friends for like 8 years ever since that and she still reminds me.


24. You guys should do more physical activity

When I was 14 I had an online friend two states away who was also 14. He and his mom took a trip to see me and the first thing we did when we saw each other was to run full speed at one another. Our heads bounced off each other and I chipped my tooth and broke his braces. I'm pretty sure his front tooth was also loose and had to go to the dentist to fix it.

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23. Choose life

I met my best friend through Minecraft. I never made friends online and I just wanted to play with someone so I complimented this girl's skin. We started talking, she was American, I'm Polish and my English sucked... We moved to skype and at first I mostly typed, but later on, she started teaching me English somehow by talking with me. She was one year older. We knew each other for almost a year and I was staying up all night just to talk to her and her friends that she introduced to me. She was also depressed so we talked with each other and she was the first person that truly listened to me. We had plans of visiting each other... and then our mutual friend told me she took her own life. 4 years passed by and now at least I can talk about it and not cry.

Still miss her very much though.


22. AKA: You were hotter in my mind

When I was 19 I jumped on a flight to meet a friend I had known for about 4-5 months. We both went through family bereavements and were a shoulder to cry on for each other, via the phone or the internet, and we just decided to meet for a few days in a country between us.

Until then everything had been perfect, she was the coolest girl, really smart, the kind of person you want to be around all the time.

When we met things started great but a day later she confessed "you're not what I expected." Erm, what? 19 year old and not very confident, this knocked me sideways. "I don't know, just.. you seem different."

I never hid who I was before we met, was completely open and it put a real sour taste on the rest of my time with her. Instead of chatting nonstop and watching TV in the hotel at night, we went quiet and straight to sleep, ate in silence. I put as much effort as I could into it but I still never got to the bottom of how I was different. We went our separate ways, text for a few days then never spoke again.

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21. She made the right decision

I met some online friends and was super nervous. I had only text chatted with them over league of legends after I supported them once and we started duo-ing. We talked a lot through chat and it got pretty deep at times, however, we never voice chatted or skyped. After like a year I transferred schools during my senior year, I mentioned this and my friend told me they actually went to another university about 40 minutes away.

We didn't meet up right away but I eventually told them that I was going to visit their university because I was checking it out for grad school. I suggested we meet and they agreed and I waited patiently at our meetup location. Suddenly someone walked up as I was browsing my phone and I looked up to see this amazingly beautiful girl. Obviously, I was blown away, I had assumed that this person was a guy this whole time and was expecting another geeky dude like me. It turns out that she keeps the fact she's a girl under wrap online cause guys tend to be weird about it or just mean. We've been married for a year now and she still refuses to voice chat with anyone when we play.

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20. You must not ignore me

Met online through a fandom, after a few years the fandom pretty much fell apart but a handful of us stayed friends because we actually had a fair amount in common. D was very normal, the rest of the group seemed to love him, about 4 years after just being online mates we met in person, it went fine. We interacted a lot online.

I hit a really busy period in my life but managed to squeeze in a Christmas get-together at my place for my little group of friends including D. After that my online activity decreased drastically due to being busy and when I managed to get on FB I noticed that most of the group were no longer friends with D, weird but whatever. I checked my messenger and saw message after message after message asking why I wasn't responding, what was I doing, could we arrange a meet up etc, I explained I was super busy and it was also coming up to the anniversary of my mum's death so just give me some time and we'll see about meeting up another time. He said "oh yeah I forgot about the anniversary, you can have that day but I expect a response after" annoyed, I blocked him, so he sent email after email after email asking me "what is your problem, what do you think you're doing" etc so I blocked his email too.

After 3 very peaceful weeks, there was a knock on my door, it was D and he had a six-page letter detailing why we had to be friends, I shut the door, used an anonymous email thing to tell him if he contacted me again/showed up at my door I would call the police. I went on FB and told everyone (including the two remaining mutual friends) about it all and could the mutuals not share anything about me/my life and actively discourage him from attempting to make contact.

The friends who had long since unfriended him started messaging me that they stopped talking to him because of how creepy he was being about me always asking if they knew what I was doing, had I talked to them, was I seeing anyone, was I actually busy because he was convinced wasn't etc. In return I told them how he'd been trying to convince me to stop being friends with them because according to him they were all sorts of horrible things and that they were incredibly jealous and hated how close he and I were, I assumed he was just butthurt because they stopped talking to him so was just making up a bunch of crap about these people who had always been perfectly nice to me.

One incredibly weird occurrence just before this all happened was me telling a mutual friend that I was heading to the aquarium in London with my daughter (the mutual friend was also in London that day with their daughter) and maybe we could grab a coffee/let the kids play in the park for a bit. I checked my messages later that evening and D was incredibly upset because he'd waited at Farringdon station exit for 2 hours so he could come to the aquarium too and I didn't show up (we did not get off at that station, but one that was two stops after and closer to where we were going).

I haven't heard a peep in over a year, he has apparently just disappeared.



19. At least it worked out in the end

I had to travel to my country's capital for surgery. After the surgery, I couldn't move for 3 days, but the first day when I got up from the hospital bed (I obviously celebrated and told my online friends) they asked what hospital I was in.

Long story short, they lived close and came to visit me.

I regret meeting them in a wheelchair, not having showered, under heavy opioids. They were absolutely wonderful people, and I'll be seeing one of them in a few hours as she is visiting my home town.

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18. No, it's cool, you can just leave now

My brother met a girl in person that he had known for 4-5 years online during which time they had kind of had an online relationship.

She had brought her friend with her to meet him and while they were sitting around a table awkwardly making conversation, with my brother apparently quite shocked at how bad she looked in person compared to how she looked online and having absolutely no interest in her other than as friends, the girl sent her friend a message saying “omg get me out of here, he’s looking at me like he wants to jump me”, but she accidentally sent it to my brother.

What ensued was likely incredibly painful to be part of. My brother showed her his phone and looked at her in disgust.


17. Hardcore baby fever, or something more sinister?

I have a weird story about a lesbian I met online and eventually in real life. For reference, I’m a bi girl.

We started talking after I made a comment on a lesbian forum about being a single lesbian mom. I still didn’t know if I was bi or a lesbian at the time.

We started messaging a lot. Hundreds of texts a day. But she was always obsessed with my daughter. Like almost demanding pictures of her and updates on her.

Eventually, we arranged to meet up. When we finally see each other in person she looks shocked and asks where my daughter was. Being babysat by mom so we can have a date. I could tell this through her off a bit.

After our date, we start hooking up at my place. Even then she was still asking about her.

“After this can I meet her?” “Would you let me babysit?” “Do you think she’ll start calling me mommy?” I was like chill she’s 1.5...

This combined with her being obsessed with my daughter’s stuff including stealing a pacifier, a dirty onesie, going through the diaper pail. I decided this lady is crazy.

She ended up stalking me for a while but I was moving back in with my mom anyway so I managed to escape.


16. Betrayal most foul!

There were two people I was meeting. Maisie and Maya, for the purpose of the story.

We'd discussed meeting again, planned to have sleepovers, just generally have fun. The first day we met up went really well! We all had a good time, I thought it went brilliantly. Then a few weeks later I found out they were carrying out all the plans... Without me. They still have sleepovers to this day when Maya is back from uni and I'm just left out.

I don't speak to either of them anymore. It hurt.

To make it worse, I'd met Maisie a few times before and it was fine, this all happened after I met Maya at the same time. A few months down the line Maya confessed she had a crush on me. Don't know if that played into it


15. With a name like that you know he's gotta be a cool dude

I used to play Halo 2 with a guy, Molested Spartan. I always thought the name was hilarious, and he said it was what Xbox randomly assigned him when he let XBL choose his user name. That has nothing to do with how the event went, just thought it was funny.

We were playing Halo one day and I made some off the wall comment about how bad traffic was due to them redoing one of our local roads, and he said his town was redoing a lot of roads too. I think I had a friend over or coming over, and I forgot to mute my mic and said the road he lived on, asking when he had to leave/come over (again this was 15 yrs ago, a little fuzzy). Anyways, Molested Spartan was like "holy crap, do you live in XYZ" and I told him yeah. Turns out he lived like 5 miles away from me on the other side of town. We met up, I was about 11 or 12 at the time, he was like 17, and he went and bought me a burger and milkshake while we chatted. Pretty cool dude from what I remember, but when I got home I thought about how different that could have been if he wasn't just some highschooler trying to make a kids night with a burger and shake.

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14. Where's the customer service

When I was in high school I met a guy from a different high school in a local chat room. We hit it off and after a few days we agreed to meet up at the store I worked at once I finished work.

Well, I guess he showed up a little early, with a friend, and came through my check stand. I thought it was him (we'd swapped photos), but I was really shy and didn't want to be wrong. I waited for him to introduce himself, but he never did, and he and his friend paid for whatever they had and left without conversation.

I was still hopeful that wasn't the guy, so I waited up for him for an hour after my shift. Of course, he never showed, because that absolutely was the guy. He must have been disappointed when he met me in the checkout line and instead of being a decent person and saying he wasn't interested, he just ghosted me.

If I could go back in time, I definitely would have said something to him at the check stand. That's my one regret.



13. Always be up-front with your feelings

Met a girl after gaming with her for like 1.5 years. My parents allowed me to have her visit me for a weekend. Unbelievably beautiful girl, had had a lot of deep talks on the phone, were frequently flirting quite hard and stuff. She kind of was my first love interest.

We went out for a drink with a few friends of mine. She started hitting on my best friend the second she saw him. She didn't even pay attention to me the whole evening and the first thing she said the next morning was "Let's go to HIS place."

That hurt.

That was 10 years ago, give or take. I've made similar experiences over and over until I learned how to be more precise and direct about my feelings, especially towards love interests. Today, I'm a self-confident guy in his mid-20s that is very secure around people, so I guess things worked out for me

I stopped contacting her after that, while my best friend actually stayed close for quite some years, proceeding to have some strange kind of love affair type situation going on with her. I don't blame him. She was a gorgeous girl, even though it bothered me first. We are best friends still, while she has vanished into nothingness at some point.

As many refer to my best friend as a bad friend for not respecting my interest in the said girl: He didn't flirt with her that evening at all. It was one-sided, really. Everything that happened between the two of them was afterward after I quit contacting her. He asked me if I was okay with him keeping contact and I was since my interest had poofed out of existence on this very evening.

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12. People who talk in the movie theatre are going to the special hell

The first issue was she used a picture of herself when she was younger and thinner. She used to be around 120 pounds I believe she told me.

She was easily over 300 pounds and couldn't walk for long. Eventually, she took out a cane. I didn't know how to react to a 21-year old using a cane. Someone that injured? Sure. Someone that spent 90% of their time watching youtube and reading animes. Not fine.

We walked, sat, walked, sat, walked sat, talked for a bit. She warned me she has anger issues and might snap at me at any random time.

She would constantly look at her phone and sigh loudly.

We met up basically on a date to see a movie. When watching the movie she would constantly burp and fart during every romantic scene. She would cheer herself on every time too. In the theater.

After the date was over. I didn't want to see her again, but apparently, I left a good impression.

She would call me, constantly every night. Usually crying about how much she hates where she lives, how much she hates why she can't leave, etc.

She wanted a relationship to rescue her from there. Life would be better if she had a boyfriend and just did her own thing.

The only jobs she had were at fast-food places. Those didn't last long. Each one 2 - 3 months at most.

She constantly smelled like fish.

She dropped out of college because in her words, "I couldn't stand the stuck up people there. They really made it unbearable."

Also, she does not like studying.

After a while she stopped contacting me. I believe that she had taken the hint and backed off. In reality, she went to another guy. He can barely keep down a job, he can barely maintain himself, he drinks himself silly, and she is just happy to be away from her family.

She started contacting me again begging me to save her from him and I'm like "Uh I have a girlfriend now. Bye."

She left a 16-page facebook rant.

Have'nt heard from her since.

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11. You are much better without him in your life

We met over a dead by daylight game. He was really charming, funny and nice. Then he fell in love with one girl from our gaming group and they started a long-distance relationship. He even flew in to meet her in person. Turns out he is an abusive, narcissistic jerk, who constantly belittled my friend. He gaslighted her and loved to play psycho games with our group. We stopped playing with him after a few weeks because he was so toxic to our group. Sadly, my friend struggled at that time and had difficulties to break up with him. Took her several weeks to finally do it. She is so much better now.

He lived with his father in a small apartment. And because he is a sloppy disgusting jerk and his father also, they only had like 3 underpants. And yes, I said they, because they shared them. I couldn't believe it.

Or the time he declared he wants to stop smoking because it makes him stupid. Boy was super dumb.

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10. A happy story to prove everything isn't always terrible

I used to draw a lot and generally browse 4 Chan. I was going through a lot of depression and I felt alienated from friends and family. As well as the death of a long relationship. Somehow just talking to other people about the most mundane stuff felt so amazing.

I was in a few Skype groups, we would chat about life, play online games and stuff. One couple was nice and the guy was trying to quit smoking. Another guy just got a promotion at work. You know real people with life... they all were far away.

Until I get this email. I was going to delete it because it seemed weird but I read it, it was a case of mistaken identity (he thought I was this person who also did modeling/cosplay or something because of my email name). I corresponded and corrected them but we just kept talking.

He also loved paranormal stuff, was into films and writing too and close by. After a month or so of daily talks and texts we wanted to hang out. Between all this, I was moving out and in a bad spot emotionally, but he was very nice and talked me through anxious parts.

I met him and sparks flew... No, actually I couldn’t look him in the eyes and got sweaty because I realized how cute he was and how much I felt like an idiot.

We did kiss and as cliche, as it sounds, it felt like when Dorothy entered life had color again.

Anyway, it ended well because we’re getting married this year.

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9. Sounds like your classic Rom-Com setup

So this weirdly changed my life. For context I live in Ireland and my friend lived in Scotland

I met this guy on Xbox when I was like 14 and he's 16 back in 2012. We got to know each other super well and talked every day and played Halo and Mass effect 3 together.

We did this for 3 years and I would've considered him one of my best friends at the time. But I'd never met him.

I knew all about his life, I'd spoken to some of his family before. So I was known by some of his real-life friends too.

In year 4 his 360 died so then he got an Xbox One and I got a PS4, because of consoles we stopped talking a lot. We would catch up every now and then on Facebook and whatnot.

This all changed in 2017 when he got engaged to a girl I remember him dating when we were talking. A few weeks later I start getting messages about.......the wedding.....

He contacted me to be one of his groomsmen, now 16 year old me made a promise that I'd go to his wedding. So I said, "yeah sure of course".

He later told me the wedding was in the US which means I had to start saving to go.

Let's skip to 2018. I fly out to the US for the wedding and I get to the hotel everyone is staying at. I text the groom and ask where everyone is. They are out for food. So I go get a cab and follow out to them, I walk into the restaurant. He very quickly spotted me and ran over called out my old gamer tag and hug me.

I didn't realize how small he was (I'm only 6'1) I expected him to be taller. But after that night I found out that without something to focus on ( video games ) he could actually be a little bit annoying and I had just committed to being stuck in a mansion for 4 days after this.

At the time I was in a 2-year long relationship with someone who wasn't making me happy. At the wedding, I met one of the groom women (there were 2 girls and 3 guys) and instantly we clicked (we both also slagged the groom so kinda bonded on that)

We just got on super well and we decided to hang out the whole wedding. She was also in a relationship. One of the nights we kissed and after that, I knew it was over with my now ex.

After the wedding and me and her were flying out on the same day and we were in the same terminal. We had a nice goodbye.

I got home and broke it off with my ex. That night the girl from the wedding got dumped.

We saw each other on-off for a month or two and after that, we started to get serious.

I'm still with her and it's the happiest I've ever been with someone.

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8. Someone get this guy a copy of the Bro Code

I met my best friend at the time on League of Legends. After talking every day for 3 years, I ended up moving to a state much closer to him, so we decided to finally meet. We talked before about all the things we'd do together and how awesome it would be. I loved him so, so much. He was there for me through so much and was a wonderful friend.

He had a new girlfriend at the time of our meet-up and he brought her along with him. I had no problem with this because I'd love to meet the woman who makes him happy.

It was abundantly clear from the get-go that she wasn't a real big fan of mine. I did my best to be kind, and still had tons of fun.

I didn't hear from my friend much after that. A mutual good friend of ours messaged me and when I asked about my best friend, they said that his girlfriend was telling people that I was basically an awful person for whatever reason.

Three years later and he is engaged to this woman and I'm happy for him, but I haven't spoken to him in those three years. I still miss him every day, and I wish I could be there for him on his wedding day.

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7. Never invite someone who can gank better than you to the party

I had a group of online friends for a bit and I am really close with my older brother like best buds and one day while we were playing league I asked my brother to join after a while. I guess because my brother was better at the game than me they stopped inviting me to any games so I eventually was separated from the group. One of them came to my state for an event and asked my brother if he wanted to go he said yeah and then asked me. I was a bit hesitant but after my brother insisted I went. I did have fun but they were moments that made me remember that I am really not in that group anymore.


6. Why you so obsessed with me?

It was my friend "Kate" who befriended this girl, "Jessica", who allowed us to come and stay with her when we traveled to the US. Jessica was rude to me instantly and kept my friend away from me. I'd go upstairs and she'd find a reason for them to go downstairs. She had Kate share her bedroom and she'd lock the door for hours and so I'd just go off and do my own thing. We met her two (odd) friends and they both ignored me. When it was time for Kate and I to move on to another state, Jessica insisted on coming with us.

The lady we stayed with in another state, "Robin," called Jessica out on her strange behavior. Jessica proceeded to lock herself in a room and demanded Kate stay in there with her. They were in there all day and eventually, Kate came out and said to me that there's something wrong with Jessica and she's actually scared. We (Kate and I) had plans to stay with another online friend, "Matt", in another state and Jessica demanded we cancel because she doesn't like or trust Matt. We said no, this is our holiday and we've paid for flights, and Jessica said then she will come with us but we can't meet up with Matt. We said no, she cried, we left. Kate blocked her on everything.

Kate's mother called us not long after saying Jessica contacted her crying, saying Kate is in danger and we abandoned Jessica, and she's so concerned for my friend's safety (as I recall, she claimed to be concerned about Matt and basically wanted Kate's mum to tell us to stay with Jessica). It was actually incredibly scary.

Kate found out later from another girl, "Jane" (they all knew each other from a forum) that Jessica had been telling everyone they were in love and had even slept together. I don't know how much of that is true but I've known Kate for 20 years now and she's never identified as anything but straight. She denied it 100%. Jessica was just obsessed with her, and months later Kate heard Jessica was telling everyone she was saving money to come to our country to find Kate. She never did, thankfully.

Other than the time spent with this girl, we had a great holiday and made some good friends (I still talk to Matt, he's great).

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5. You kinda brought this on yourself, to be fair

I (22 year old female) had a friend (26 year old male) online for 11 years before we met. I’m Canadian, he’s American. We met on a roll-play site when we were quite literally still kids and were a massive part of one another’s lives, especially during our teenage years. We spoke every day through text, on the phone, had each other on social media, we even knew and sometimes spoke to each other’s family and friends in real life. He called me his light and his sister — and I called him my brother. We were family.

It would take a whole novel to explain our 11 year friendship and what we have been through together, but I’ll just try to make it short by saying he had a very unstable life and a lot of mental health problems. He was a narcissist. I spent many years being his emotional crutch and punching bag, helping him find jobs, being there for his breakdowns. I never broke off the friendship because, after all those years, I kind of felt responsible for him.

Anyways, last year we finally decided to meet. We were both grown adults and saved money to go on a 10 day trip to a dream destination of mine in the States. I knew this likely would not go well, I KNEW he was a narcissist, but I just had to meet him. I had to meet my brother, the guy that was there for over a decade. I needed to see him face to face.

On this trip he:

Abandoned me on a mountain during a hike because he decided he wanted to smoke. When he came back I was obviously mad and wanted to go back to our hotel but he told me to wait for him in the car while he did the hike on his own. I took an Uber home and he returned as well 4 hours later.

Automatically assumed I’d shell out $300 for him to buy a laptop he wanted, without asking me. Just brought me to the store to look around while we waited for our movie to start at the theatre and sprung it on me. I refused.

Was overall inconsiderate. We only ate at places where he wanted to eat, when he wanted to eat. Only did things he wanted to do and not me, despite the trip being my idea. I missed out on a lot because he just wanted to sit around and do nothing.

And so much more. What hurt the most is when I confronted him about it, he told me “You’re not my girlfriend, I don’t need your approval or need to change for you to like me.”

I cut the friendship off and blocked him when we returned home. I also plan on retaking my dream trip one day and doing it properly this time.


4. What a wild ride

When I was 13 I met this girl online and we got really close. She lived in the south of the country and I lived in the center (Portugal for reference), everything was fine, we liked the same bands and were both just teenage fangirls. We became really close and wanted to meet. Now, my 13-year-old brain did not see all the red flags. First, she became really possessive over me, I couldn't speak with any of my other online friends without her knowing. She would go through my Facebook and Tumblr to see what I was doing and she was really jealous every time my family bought me anything as her mom couldn't afford it.

We eventually got over the band we liked and she introduced to another band which I started to love and read fanfics about (big mistake).

She started trying to get onto my Tumblr likes and my wattpad and YouTube history just so she could see if I was looking, reading or watching anything related to them and if I was, she would go off on me and say she saw them first and they were hers and I had no right to like them or even read fanfics about them. (I got all my accounts private and hid my likes from her). Even after all of this, we were best friends and I wanted to meet her. So one of my mom's friends that worked at the place she lived took me there and we finally met. I was going to stay for two weeks and go up with my mom's friend again later on.

When I got there the first few days were amazing, we were really close and loved being with each other. Then she started treating me like trash, ignoring me and wanting me to sleep in her little sister's room and be out of her room for once. I didn't get why and I tried to confront her about it and she said sorry and everything was fine for a day.

Her mom was barely home and treated her like garbage, there was barely any food at home and sometimes the most I would eat in a day would be a sandwich. She started again being very cold and very aggressive and I decided I had enough and I wanted to go home. Of course, I called my mother crying saying I was done and I couldn't stay for another week. Well, her friend that was supposed to pick me up in a week couldn't do it anymore and I would have to stay two more weeks. I had absolutely enough and I said I couldn't care less and decided I would get a bus home and just leave this place as I was going insane. The day before my trip home... I dropped my phone in the toilet... And the next day it didn't work. I was 13 traveling by myself for 5 hours and doing something I have never done before.

I packed my stuff the next day and went. I was alone on the bus, hungry, no money, no sleep and no way to contact my mother. I got a bus directly to the capital of the country which is where I was supposed to wait and catch another bus home. I got out and realized my bus was 3 hours away and I had already travelled for 3 hours. So I sat down on the floor and cried my eyes out. I felt tired and defeated as well as starved because I didn't eat dinner last night nor breakfast or lunch that morning. My phone didn't work either so I just had to wait. Lucky for me, one of the busses that went home was early but it wasn't my bus. I showed my ticket to the bus driver and he told me this bus was not correct and I had to wait. But when he looked at me, he said to get in and he would take me anyway (I'm still grateful to this man to this day and I'll never forget the look of pity he gave me when he saw me).

When I got to the bus station my parents weren't there yet so with the little change I had, I went to a payphone and called them, they were close so I just waited. When my mom arrived I ran to her and cried so much in her arms. In the end, I lost 10 lbs during that week and I swore never again. We talked for a few months until I blocked her on everything as I couldn't deal with her jealousy and envy anymore so I shut her out. We didn't speak for more than two years and then she contacted me with a huge paragraph saying sorry she was mean.

We occasionally speak and I follow her on Instagram.

Though, she stalked me to uni in England and to the same course which I found extremely creepy. Luckily, I had changed uni by then as I didn't like that one and didn't see her again. She ended up dropping out and going to Portugal again, she is still envious and self-obsessed. At this point, I only follow her because it gives me peace that I grew up and matured. ( 6 years later, She kept some of my clothes I forgot at hers and never told me I left them behind. I noticed when I saw pictures of her and her sister wearing my clothes on their Instagram stories.)

woman-3797696-1-200x300.jpgImage by

3. Yeah, that's why I was here

I met a girl from the internet in person once, but life got in the way of meeting again for quite a while. We flirted a ton online and via text.

Finally, our night had arrived. She wanted to meet at this lame bro bar, but whatever. I figured we'd get a hotel room quickly. I dressed nice, drove out there, and could not find her anywhere. I loop out on the back deck a few times when I finally stopped out there to call her and it turns out, she was back there the whole time. I had completely looked past her a few times already. She's dressed in like dirty scrubs (she's not a nurse, so that was confusing) and is practically connected at the hip to some other dude. The body language says it's mutual.

"Oh, hey! There you are! Good to see you!"

"Uh... hmm. Hey."

"This is my coworker, Josh." (He took one hand off her hips to try to shake my hand.)

"Uh... hmm. Hey."

"It was a long day at work today. We're really tired, so we're gonna go home."

"Uh... hmm. So, what should I do?"

"Drink, I guess. It was so good to see you!"

"Uh... hmm."

I watched them walk around the corner and then I took a different exit. The next day, she texted and said I looked really good last night.

Had I known that was her back there the whole time grinding up on some other dude, I would have left.

girl-1064664-1-300x200.jpgImage by

2. We all know a crazy Sarah

This story took place over a decade ago when I was a senior in high school--some of the details are a little fuzzy.

I met a girl who blogged on the same site I did. Let's call her Sarah. We were the same age, but she lived in a nearby town and went to a different high school. We had been talking online for a month or two and then decided to watch a movie at her place. The date was awkward, but not awful. We kissed, nothing more. However, I could tell that she was more into it than I was. I didn't want a relationship, and she definitely did. We had already talked about this.

So when she broached the topic of a relationship a few days later, I told her that I had fun on our date, and I liked her, but still felt the same: I didn't want to get into a relationship before I left for college. She appeared to understand and took it okay. I knew she was disappointed, and I really felt bad for her because I knew how that felt, but she said she agreed with me and wanted to do the same thing (we were the same age). I still think I made the right call.

That's when things got weird.

One night a few weeks later, I was sitting outside a coffee shop in a crowded shopping center when an SUV pulls into the parking lot going about 45mph. Just absolutely flying. It was really dangerous.

The SUV drives past me sitting outside the coffee shop, window rolled down, and I see Sarah in the backseat holding a plastic red solo cup. I hadn't told her I would be there, but it was one of my regular hang-out spots, so she likely knew to look for me there.

She screams at me as they pass, and she throws the cup out the window. It hits the sidewalk in front of me, and I can smell that it's full of booze.

They speed around the parking lot and come back for another pass. I'm gathering my things to go inside at this point, but she continues to hurl insults at me from the window as her friends drive her around.

I don't remember exactly what happened after that, but I basically stayed inside until the SUV left, and then I left drove back home to my parents' house for the night.

Then at about 2am, my Dad comes into my room. I was asleep.

"There's someone out on the front lawn. They're screaming your name."

It turns out Sarah had figured out where I lived, and her awful friends had driven her over to my parents' house at midnight on a school night and just left her there. She was laying on her back out on the lawn, screaming at the top of her lungs.


My Dad got her some water and helped her to her feet. He contacted her folks and drove her to an all-night diner where they picked her up.

I don't remember the details of our follow-up conversations. I remember that she apologized, and felt embarrassed. But it was also clear she had an unhealthy attachment to me. To be honest, I wasn't very nice to her after that. I told her politely but firmly that I didn't want her in my life.

Cut to my freshman year of college, 4 hours away from my hometown. Who do I see on campus but Sarah?

She'd never mentioned she was interested in this college, and she knew I was going there. Fortunately (for both of us), that is where the story ends. I never did learn if she "followed" me there, or if it was just a coincidence. I didn't see her much at college. We had different friend groups and she did her own thing mostly. She might have messaged me once or twice, but I didn't reply, and eventually, she quit contacting me.


1. Assault is never cool

So I was in a discord chat of a bunch of random people, I met a guy who was only two years older than me and lived in my state. We started talking for a while and we got super close. We both wanted to meet up, and it turned out we were both going to go to the same cosplay convention. We were excited, but then he says, "My brother is gonna come too, I told him about you and he thinks you seem cool." I was okay with it at the time.

Now, I didn't regret meeting up with my friend, we are actually still super close to this day, I regretted meeting his BROTHER.

We both drove to the hotel and met up there. We found our room and I plugged my Nintendo Switch into the TV so we can play Mario kart, and this is where the creepiness begins. I choose Rosalina, and his brother says, "Of course YOU would pick the sexiest character" I just kind of awkwardly chuckled and continued playing. He continued to say weird, flirty things the rest of the night.

The next day we went to the con, and I was dressed as a Mimikyu from Pokemon, my friend was Pikachu, and his brother was a Team Skull Grunt. We had a lot of fun, but the brother kept getting real close and putting his hands on my shoulders and crap like that.

Then he throws a Pokeball at me, I played along and it was pretty funny, but he says afterward, "You're my pokemon, so you do me favors from now on." and slapped me hard on the butt. I noped out of there and tracked down my friend, who was at one of the seller's booths, I told him everything and he just confronted his brother, who proceeded to walk around the con by himself. I still meet up with my friend, but he comes to my house so I don't have to see his brother.

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