Dumb Moments On the Road that Left People Speechless

Dumb Moments On the Road that Left People Speechless


Nobody's perfect. Everyone's capable of doing some pretty stupid things that are downright embarrassing. But this can be extremely dangerous, especially if you're on the road. Even the most careful of drivers can get into an accident when someone else on the road pulls a dangerous stunt.

The following images show just how dumb people can be when they're behind the wheel of a car. Whether they weren't driving a seatbelt or were reading a novel while driving, there's plenty of distractions that can cause people to get into an accident. We can't help but wonder how these reckless daredevils get through the day without crashing their cars on a pole.

Reading While Driving

21-Dumb-Moments-Road-Left-People-Speechless-Pinterest.jpg.optimal.jpgReddit / [deleted]

There's a good reason why that driver's looking at the person taking a photo of her like a deer caught in a headlight. She's been caught doing something she shouldn't be doing while driving.

Now there are plenty of things that can't be done behind the wheel of a moving vehicle and reading a book is one of them. Then again, the person snapping the photo is no angel either as he was busy focusing on this careless driver while barreling at high speeds on the highway.

Kicking His Feet Up While Motorcycling


This guy must have confused riding his motorcycle for a love seat because he was leaning back all chilled out with his feet up while listening to music. He's either the most experienced motorcyclist on the road or the dumbest. If a car in front of him were to slam on their brakes, this guy wouldn't be able to react in time and might wind up in the hospital or the morgue.

This Car's Wearing a Trampoline


When this car owner bought a trampoline from a local Rite Aid Pharmacy, they assumed that it would come in a box that they could stick in the back of their trunk.

Then they would assemble the trampoline when they got home. But that wasn't the case. It was fully assembled, so the driver mounted the whole thing on top of their car's roof and did their best to drive it home.

In Lieu of a Wheel, Use a Tree Branch

24-Dumb-Moments-Road-Left-People-Speechless-Pinterest.jpg.optimal.jpgReddit / [deleted]

It's common knowledge that cars need four wheels to get on the road, unless of course a person is driving a motorcycle which has two wheels. But when drivers get a flat tire they rely on a spare tire that they have to replace on the side of the road.

But this driver got more creative and used a thick tree branch to replace one of his wheels. The weird thing is that the truck has a spare tire clearly visible in the back. But maybe the driver didn't know how to change a tire so they improvised.


He Pulled the Fuel Pump Hose Out

25-Dumb-Moments-Road-Left-People-Speechless-Pinterest.jpg.optimal.jpgReddit / [deleted]

This driver had stopped by the gas station to refuel. Now generally, people pay before or after they gas up. Then they'll put the gas nozzle back in its place, get in their car and drive off. But this driver skipped an important step.

He forgot all about the gas nozzle and drove off with the hose attached. Being in a rush or being absent minded is no excuse for this, and yet it has happened to several drivers.

This Truck Wrecked the Gas Station

26-Dumb-Moments-Road-Left-People-Speechless-Pinterest.jpg.optimal.jpgReddit / [deleted]

The tow truck driver was obviously unaware that the gas station's ceiling was too low to allow him to drive through and gas up. It didn't help that the truck had three vans in the back or that the last van didn't clear the roof and crashed into it.

To add insult to injury, the impact sent the entire ceiling crashing to the ground. Hopefully, the driver has some good insurance because he's going to need it.

He Looked Invisible Without His Headlights


While driving in the rain, this driver noticed that a car on his side view mirror didn't have their headlights on. This was a problem because without the lights, the vehicle was practically invisible under these weather conditions.

Hopefully, they arrived to their destination safe and sound, but this photo should serve as a warning that it's difficult to see vehicles without their headlights on during a snowstorm, rain, or when there's fog.

They Wore Their Seatbelts Halfway


This valet gasped when he noticed that the driver had only used their seatbelt halfway. This meant that they wore the strap over their shoulder to fool cops into thinking they were wearing their seatbelt, but they didn't clip the belt into the harness.

So, if they had gotten into an accident, they would have flown right through the windshield and suffered life-threatening injuries. Unfortunately, it's not the first time this valet had seen drivers do this.

He Crashed Into a Pole


When drivers crash their vehicles into one of these concrete poles that were designed to keep a highway bridge up, they generally do so head on. But this accident is a real mystery because the vehicle is on the inside slope of the pole.

Perhaps the car hit the pole at such high speeds that it ended up in this position. Regardless, it's painfully obvious that the car is totalled, but it looks like the driver who's hugging one of the columns is okay.

The Van Hauling Planks


The way this van owner placed these wooden planks in his vehicle should be illegal. Alright, so he didn't really have a lot of options here, but maybe he could have rented a truck or something or placed the planks on the roof of the van and secured them tightly with rope.

Instead, he tried driving down the road like this. It's a miracle that he didn't side swipe a car or a poor pedestrian walking by the side of the road.


This Hummer Caught on Fire


When people hear on the news about a natural disaster like an impending hurricane or a shortage of gas, they panic and try to stock up on this much needed resource. Well that's exactly what the owner of this hummer tried to do.

So, he filled up 20 gallons worth of gas and placed them in the back of the truck. But for some freaky reason, a spark ignited and the fuel caught on fire. Fortunately, the driver was able to get out before he was consumed by the flames. It's too bad the hummer wasn't so lucky.

The Drove Into a Turn-Off


This driver might have ended up with a suspended license after they wound up suspended in mid-air after driving into this turn-off on the highway. Luckily they were able to stop because if they had kept on going they would have fallen off the edge and suffered serious injuries.

As to how this happened, it's possible that the driver wasn't sure whether to stay on the highway or take the exit ramp. Then they ran out of time and ended up in this predicament.

These 4X4s Flipped at the Beach


4X4 trucks are great because they can take drivers across treacherous mountainous terrain, so these drivers assumed that driving at the beach would be a breeze. They were wrong! Though it's not exactly clear how this happened, the 4X4 trucks somehow flipped over.

Was it a powerful gust of wind or did a powerful wave hit these vehicles? Perhaps they were driving on the sand hill up above when they slipped, flipped and landed on the sandy shore.

He Should Have Used a Moving Company


This driver stacked a bunch of furniture on top of his car and in the back of his trunk. We're talking sofas, dressers and even an air conditioning unit. And they're all barely hanging on by thin ropes.

And given the cruising speed they have to use on the freeway, any one of those items could turn into a deadly projectile if those ropes were to snap. Honestly, this driver should have used a moving company.

He Impacted the Bus


It's actually kind of funny that the back of the bus has an advertisement that reads "Impact Your World," because that's sort of what the driver behind it did when they rear ended the bus.

But what's even more interesting is that the driver then posted the photo of the accident on social media and called himself an idiot for crashing into a stopped bus. But if the bus driver's lawyer sees this post, he'll surely present this to the court as an admission of guilt.

They Drove Into Wet Cement


Construction work is such a nightmare for a lot of drivers because it slows traffic down and makes everyone late. This can force some drivers to make some really bad decisions like this guy who deviated from his lane to make a U-Turn and got stuck in wet cement.

He obviously ignored the cones that were in place and will be even more late than he would have been if he had just stayed in his lane.


She Left the Keys in Her Car


Alright! So maybe this one's more relatable than most of the other dumb moments on the road. In fact, it's safe to say that forgetting the keys inside the car and then accidentally locking the door after stepping out has happened to a lot of drivers.

And in this photo, there's a couple struggling with a wire hanger to try to unlock the door. The odd thing is that the side window is broken and has a bag taped to it. Wouldn't it have been simpler to just stick their hands through the broken side window and unlock the door from there? Just saying.

Entry and Exit Points


There are entry and exit points at every gas station, and most drivers know that one can't enter where vehicles exit and vice versa. Unfortunately, one of these drivers didn't know and collided with another vehicle. Luckily, it doesn't seem as though anyone was speeding when the crash occurred, but it's safe to say that someone's insurance rates skyrocketed after this.

This Got Her Arrested


She could have hired someone to deliver all of those wooden planks to her house. Instead, she shoved the planks into her car, but she didn't get very far.

When cops saw how she was driving, they feared that those planks would either fall or hit another vehicle trying to pass this reckless driver. But they didn't just fine her. They arrested her and hopefully she learned to never do this again.

They Left Evidence at the Scene


Someone crashed into this person's mailbox and didn't leave a note with their name and number. This would have been the courteous thing to do so that they could talk with the owner and offer to pay for a replacement. But instead they left the scene and thought they got away with their crime.

However, they didn't realize that they left their front license plate attached to the mailbox. This undoubtedly made it easier for the mailbox owner and the cops to track down the hit and run driver.

It's Time for Some New Tires


This vehicle has obviously put a lot of mileage on those wheels because the tire's tread that prevents the vehicle from slipping and sliding while braking is completely worn out.

This also means that the driver hasn't changed their tires in a very long time. Hopefully, they'll invest in some new tires soon, or they might rear end someone when they hit their brakes, especially during a storm.

This Truck's Back Wheels Are Missing


This truck is both a miracle and an accident waiting to happen all at the same time. Why? Because the back wheels are missing. And it's a safe bet that the only reason that the large cargo container its hauling hasn't tilted back and scraped against the highway's pavement is because it's empty.

But if it had any items in the front and they shifted to the back, the front of the truck would rise up.


The Bus Lane Was Clearly Marked


This guy's friend had driven in a bus lane without realizing that there were traffic cams taking photos of his infraction. A few days later, he received a ticket in the mail that informed him of what he had done. When he argued that the bus lane wasn't marked clearly enough on the road, they sent him the traffic cam snapshot that proved he was either lying or extremely blind.

The Low Bridge vs. the Truck


The irony of this accident is that the logo on the side of the truck says "You can do it." But the truck driver learned the hard way that some things just cannot be done, like when he tried passing under this low bridge. He must have not seen the big letters above that read "Low Bridge" before trying to cross. If he had, he might have been able to avoid this mess altogether.

Blinded by Snow


This driver hit a pedestrian as he was pulling out of a gas station, but as soon as he realized what he had done he got out to make sure the person was okay.

Then the driver apologized and explained that he didn't see them as he was pulling out and judging from this photo, it's easy to see why. The car was covered in snow, and the windshield was frosted over. No wonder he couldn't see.

The Car's Lodged in the Wall


The driver must have confused the brake pedal for the gas pedal and driven right into this wall. Luckily, they didn't get too far, so there's a chance that a mechanic could repair the engine, but it will cost a fortune.

The funny thing about this whole scenario is that someone decided to take a photo of this car that's practically suspended in mid-air first before helping the embarrassed driver out of the vehicle.

Hauling Their Life On Their Car

1-Dumb-Moments-Road-Left-People-Speechless-Pinterest.jpg.optimal.jpgImgur / [deleted]

So renting a U-Haul isn't exactly in everyone's budget, but this driver should have asked a friend or a relative if they could borrow their truck to move their things.

Instead, they decided to pack pretty much everything they owned onto the top of this car and tie it down with rope. Not only does it look like a mobile flea market, but anything could fall off and hit another driver, especially if the car is driving at high speeds.

The Back of the Truck Tray is Missing


Drivers driving behind this truck started to panic when they realized that the tray was missing the metal back that ensures that the stuff inside doesn't come off.

And since the truck was hauling a bunch of crushed concrete bricks, drivers worried that one of those pieces would fall off and smash into their windshield. Luckily, this didn't happen, but it could have and shows just how irresponsible the truck driver was.

The Lamborghini in the River

3-Dumb-Moments-Road-Left-People-Speechless-Pinterest.jpg.optimal.jpgImgur / [deleted]

This Lamborghini isn't looking quite as shiny as it once did. Then again, this is expected when someone drives their car into a river like this one driver did.

It's probably a good thing that the car's doors opened upwards instead of out to the sides like most cars. Otherwise, rescuers would have had to break through the windshield to get the driver out of there. Hopefully no one got hurt.

Only 2 Cars and They Crashed


It's not surprising to see one or two car crashes during rush hour because even the most cautious driver can get distracted and slam into another vehicle.

But there were literally no other cars on the road except for these two vehicles and yet somehow, one of them managed to rear-end the other. So one has to wonder what distracted the driver in the silver car to make them crash on an otherwise non-chaotic day on the road.

These Wooden Pallets


This driver realized that there was only so much space in the back of his truck, which meant that he would only be able to take a couple of wooden pallets at a time.

But since he wasn't in the mood to take various trips back and forth, he decided to stack all of them in his truck and then tie them in place with a series of ropes. But if a couple of those ropes had snapped, it would have sent all those pallets barreling down the road and undoubtedly caused multiple accidents.

Driving On a Bridge Under Construction


This driver learned the hard way that there's no such thing as a shortcut during rush hour traffic. It's too bad he didn't realize that before he drove through a bunch of barriers and ended up stuck on an unfinished freeway bridge.

Unfortunately, by the time he learned his lesson, the sheer studs on the road had torn into his undercarriage. So, he probably never got to wherever it was he was going to in such a hurry.

Dog's Hanging Out the Window


Dogs like to stick their heads out the window with their tongues out and feel the wind blowing in their hair. And most dog lovers find it adorable when their pooches get crazy excited like this.

But this driver got scared to death when they realized this driver's dog was practically standing on the edge of the window. At a speed of over 65 miles per hour, that poor animal could have suffered some serious injuries if they slipped and fell or they might have gotten run over by another car.

Truck Stuck in the Snow


A car getting stuck in the snow isn't exactly newsworthy. It happens all the time during winter. But this particular truck is shoved deep in a mountain of snow, nestled high above the ground. Honestly, we can't think of a single way that would explain how this guy ended up there. Unless the driver drove the vehicle off a highway ramp and landed in the snow.

Stuck in Traffic


It looks like the traffic lights weren't working, so everyone at this intersection decided to go at the same time. As a result, all those buses created a major traffic jam.

It even looks like one car on the center right hand side crashed into one of the buses. So there's no way of knowing who has the right of way in this nightmarish scenario, but we don't envy the traffic cop that had to clear up this mess.

The Sideways Car


There's a reason why towed cars are often placed in the truck facing forward. Placing a car sideways on a truck like in this photo is extremely dangerous because it can accidentally swipe other vehicles driving by, especially if the lanes are extremely narrow.

It doesn't look like this driver is going to have too many issues on the highway, but they would likely cause an accident if he was driving around during rush hour when the streets get very crowded.

She's Sitting Crosslegged While Driving


This gal is a little too relaxed while driving her car. In fact, she's sitting crosslegged while going at a cruising speed of 95 miles per hour on the highway.

That's a pretty impressive feat considering she needs to keep one foot pressed on the gas to make the car go and the other foot near the brake. Maybe she's on cruise control, but that nifty feature won't save her life if the driver in front of her slams their brakes.

Thanks for Not Driving Carefully


This driver was having a really bad day mainly because they drove off the road and into a bunch of dried up tree trunks. The ironic part of this whole scenario is that the driver drove right into a sign that read,

"Thank you for driving carefully." But after the crash, the sign remained on the ground and the pole that once held it in place laid next to it all bent out of shape from the impact.

Driving Off with the Gas Nozzle


Being in a hurry is no excuse to forget to remove the gas nozzle from the vehicle, but that's exactly what one driver did. It was a momentary lapse of judgement that undoubtedly cost a lot of money to repair.

To make matters worse, the whole incident left the remaining hose gushing gas all over the ground. This put the other drivers pumping gas at risk because a spark could have caused the gas to ignite.

An Illegal Left Turn Causes Gridlock


Traffic jams are pretty common during rush hour, but this gridlock wasn't caused as a result of too many cars on the road. It was caused by one driver who decided to make an illegal left turn.

And to make a complicated situation even more of a nightmare, a bunch of other drivers decided to play follow the leader and turn left, too. What resulted from this lapse in judgment was this insane gridlock that took time to clear up.

This Motorcycle-Riding Dog


There's nothing safe about having a dog ride on the back of a motorcycle like this. They certainly don't have the limbs to hang on to the rider the way humans can.

But at least the dog owner gave his pooch a helmet and a pair of goggles. However, if the motorcyclist has to make a sudden jerking motion to swerve in out of traffic, that pooch might end up with a halo and a pair of wings.

The Driver With an Iceberg on Top


This one's insane! The driver's vehicle was covered in approximately eight feet of snow, and it looks like they managed to dig their car out for the most part.

But they either got tired of digging or they simply didn't care about the one-hundred-pound block of snow that was still on the roof. Hopefully, they didn't swerve too much or slam on their brakes or that iceberg would have gone flying into the path of a nearby vehicle.

All Those Chairs Stacked on that Truck


This driver did a great job not wasting money on a moving van by stacking up a bunch of these chairs onto their truck. There must be hundreds of chairs there.

But the entire thing must have made it difficult to maintain the vehicle's balance while on the road. Even in this photo it looks like the truck is tilting to one side and it probably would have rolled over if a gust of wind had hit it.

They Should Have Ordered From Amazon


This guy's life would have been so much easier if he had just ordered his 46-inch HDTV from Amazon because at least they deliver. But he was either really eager to watch TV that same day, or he was too stingy to pay for shipping and handling. So he struggled to balance his new TV on his motorcycle. Let's hope that he made it home with his new TV in one piece.

He Put a Shoe in His Mouth


We've all heard of the saying 'putting one's foot in their mouth,' but this guy put a shoe in his mouth. Now that sounds and looks pretty disgusting, especially if the shoe has been used before.

But the reason this Dallas, Texas resident reportedly did this is so that he wouldn't scream obscenities at bad drivers while he was on the road. But did he have to take such extreme measures?

Blinded by the Washing Machine

20-Dumb-Moments-Road-Left-People-Speechless-Pinterest.jpg.optimal.jpgReddit / [deleted]

This may be one of the dumbest drivers on the planet because he placed a washing machine on the hood of his truck. He also added a blanket under it so that it wouldn't scratch the vehicle.

It looks like he was more worried about damaging the truck's paint job than the safety of other drivers. Who knows how long it took him to realize that he couldn't see with that washer in front of him while driving down the highway?

The Parked Car Caused a Traffic Jam


When a road is this narrow, it's easy for drivers to confuse a parked car with a car that has simply stalled in the middle of the road. And that's exactly what happened in this photograph.

It turns out that there is a huge traffic jam because everyone's waiting for the car in the front of the line to move, but they might be there a while since the car is parked. Maybe someone should've considered driving around the parked vehicle.

She U-Turned Into this House


The homeowner and their grownup kids are upset at their neighbor, and they have every right to be. It turns out that the neighbor in question who lives right down the street did a U-Turn and drove right into this house.

There's simply no excuse for why this happened, but it's a safe bet that she was distracted on her phone and accidentally hit the gas instead of the brakes. And yet, she still managed to blame the house for being in her way.

That Horse is Living on the Edge


This horse is living on the edge... literally, but he might not be for long. Take a look at his hind legs. They're so close to the edge that if he accidentally slips, he'll fall off the truck and suffer serious injuries. The truck's tray doesn't even have a back door.

The driver should have rented a special truck designed to transport horses. This is just an accident waiting to happen. Where's animal control when you need them?

The Monitor is Blocking the Airbags


This dad set up a PlayStation 4 in his car so that his kids could remain distracted during the long car ride. And there's nothing wrong with that because most parents will admit that riding with kids is so much easier when they're not making any noises or acting up.

The only problem here is that the dad placed the monitor in front of the airbags, so in the event of a car crash that monitor is going to smash into his kids' faces when the bags deploy.


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