The 10 Most Reliable Car Brands & The 10 Least

The 10 Most Reliable Car Brands & The 10 Least

With so many options out there, purchasing a car can be an intimidating and stressful endeavour. All car brands clamor for their share of the market and each one will tell you there’s is the right one for you. However, history has shown that some car brands are simply more reliable than others. Here’s a list of the 10 most and least reliable car brands on the market today.

1. Mazda

Combining sporty performance with reliable engineering, Mazda has routinely proven itself as a company that emphasizes expert craftsmanship. Highlighted for their longevity and relative lack of mechanical issues, the longstanding Japanese car manufacturer has more than proven itself with models like the Mazda3 and Mazda6. 

MazdathumbPhoto by Batu Gezer

2. Lexus

As Toyota’s luxury division, it’s no surprise that Lexus would also rank amongst the most reliable car brands out there. Known for their sleek design, impeccable build quality, and top-notch reliability, Lexus owners often report a great sense of satisfaction, especially when compared with other expensive luxury brands. 

Brandon-Russell-Rkvemmajqgc-UnsplashPhoto by Brandon Russell 

3. Honda

Honda’s commitment to efficiency and quality engineering has served as the ultimate blueprint for its success. With models like the Civic and Accord, the famed Japanese car manufacturer is known for providing drivers with long-lasting and dependable vehicles that can easily be maintained without breaking the bank. 

R-Nolan-1Zhzpp91Olq-UnsplashPhoto by R Nolan 

4. Subaru

Famous for its all-wheel-drive systems and rugged durability, Subaru has made a name for itself in the automotive world for making cars that can reliably withstand all sorts of inclement driving conditions. Thanks to the dependable nature of its vehicles (particularly the Outback and Forester), Subaru has amassed a loyal fan base of car enthusiasts who swear by the brand's pristine reputation. 

Nick-Kaufman-Gp8Yzaboxfs-UnsplashPhoto by nick Kaufman 


5. Toyota

Universally recognized for its penchant for reliability and impressive longevity, Toyota routinely ranks at the top when it comes to dependability studies and owner satisfaction surveys. Models like the Camry and Corolla, albeit plain and boring, are celebrated for their durability and reliable craftsmanship.

Christina-Telep-Is6Cslwjrjy-UnsplashPhoto by Christina Telep 

6. Kia

With a sharp focus on quality control, Kia has made major strides in recent years, quickly becoming one of the most reliable car brands on the market. With increasingly high-reliability scores and comprehensive warranty programs, models like the Sorento and Optima have catapulted the Korean brand’s reputation. 

David-Von-Diemar-Vekfdmf8Znq-UnsplashPhoto by David von Diemar

7. Hyundai

Sporting a fleet of models that includes the Elantra and Sonata, Hyundai has rapidly grown into its role as a reliable car manufacturer. Known for solid performance and minimal mechanical issues, Hyundai has made significant strides in both quality and technological advancements. 

Martin-Katler-Ojet5E6Fzcc-UnsplashPhoto by Martin Katler

8. Audi

Known for its high-quality interiors and impeccable performance, Audi has routinely proven itself to be among the top luxury brands on the market. Standout models like the A4 and Q5 expertly showcase the brand's knack for blending luxury with engineering prowess to deliver a uniquely sleek and reliable product. 

Tyler-Clemmensen-D1Jum1Vvlew-UnsplashPhoto by Tyler Clemmensen

9. Porsche

The perfect blend of performance and reliability, Porsche is often recognized as producing some of the most durable high-performance cars on the market. Iconic models like the 911 and Cayenne prove time and time again that the German brand’s meticulous engineering and manufacturing standards are a recipe for success. 

Campbell-3Zusnjhi Ik-UnsplashPhoto by Campbell

10. BMW

Known for its dynamic driving experience and superb engineering, BMW is often cited for its unmatched precision and quality control. With the 3 series of cars and the X5 it’s easy to see why so many look to BMW for its signature design, prestige and dependability.

Jon-Koop-Khyvyhinzo0-UnsplashPhoto by Jon Koop


1. Land Rover

Thanks to electrical and mechanical issues of models like the Discovery and Range Rover, the Land Rover brand is often the subject of stark criticism for its less-than-stellar reliability ratings. It goes without saying that Land Rovers are universally recognized for their off-road prowess and luxury appeal, but the brand’s reliability issues still serve as a major deterrent for many consumers. 

Jannis-Lucas-5B0Exiwdjrg-UnsplashPhoto by Jannis Lucas

2. Fiat

Fiat cars have been plagued with reliability issues since the 1970s, earning them the unfortunate moniker  “Fix It Again Tony.” With models like the 500 and 500L receiving persistent scorn in reliability surveys, Fiat has come to be known more for electric issues and poor build quality than the actual fun, stylish nature of the cars themselves.

Arteum-Ro-Ufmb0M2Rwjo-UnsplashPhoto by

3. Jeep

Unfortunately, Jeep’s rugged off-road capabilities simply aren't enough to save an image that is routinely marred by persistent reliability issues. Models like the Wrangler and Cherokee are often subject to complaints regarding problematic electronics and transmission systems, which many consumers see as a red flag. 

Kenny-Eliason-Ydekvyz52Du-UnsplashPhoto by Kenny Eliason

4. Alfa Romeo

Renowned for its stellar performance and breathtaking design, Alfa Romeo is often the target of criticism for lacking reliability. Models like the Giulia and Stelvio are regularly criticized for engine troubles and “electrical gremlins”, all of which take away from the brand’s prestige by highlighting its abysmal long-term dependability. 

Lukasz-Niescioruk-Szvyz5Wvc1C-UnsplashPhoto by Łukasz Nieścioruk

5. Tesla

Despite the brand’s celebrated penchant for delivering cutting-edge technology and energy efficiency, many concerns remain regarding the long-term reliability of Tesla vehicles. Build quality issues and software glitches have plagued the Model S and Model X, leaving many to wonder if Tesla’s innovation is worth its scant reliability. 

Tesla-Fans-Schweiz-2Swawy4Xhb0-UnsplashPhoto by Tesla Fans Schweiz

6. Jaguar

Janguar’s knack for luxury and performance has not been able to stave off criticism regarding the brand’s reliability issues. Models like the XF and F-Pace have both come under fire due to frequent mechanical and electrical issues that have rendered upkeep on the lavish vehicles even more costly. 

Grahame-Jenkins-I05Tym8Wshm-UnsplashPhoto by Grahame Jenkins 


7. Volvo

Despite earning a stellar reputation for its safety, Volvo has not been able to shake the mediocre reliability ratings that are often levied at the brand. Prone to electrical and mechanical issues, the XC90 and S60 are a perfect example of how the brand’s intricate systems may actually prove to be more of a liability when leading to more pronounced maintenance demands. 

Remy-Lovesy-95Kt-Accu5Y-UnsplashPhoto by Remy Lovesy

8. Cadillac

As GM’s luxury division, Cadillac has certainly lived up to its promise in terms of comfort and design. However, the brand’s reliability issues continue to tarnish its reputation, with owners of models like the Escalda and XT5 frequently reporting issues with electronics and transmission systems. 

Talia-Pkdqig4Goqc-UnsplashPhoto by Talia

9. Mini

While delivering a unique design and novel driving experience, the Mini is often the subject of harsh critique. Despite their distinctive charm, Mini (particularly the Mini Cooper) is routinely cited for having issues with electrical components as well as its engine.

Lance-Anderson-Rjquf0B4Eik-UnsplashPhoto by Lance Anderson 

10. Chrysler

While offering a unique blend of style and comfort, Chrysler is not particularly well known for delivering a reliable experience. Models such as the Pacifica and 300 are routinely afforded meagre scores when it comes to reliability, mostly due to persistent transmission problems and electrical faults. 

Malik-Shibly-Ygn4Xgh4Vrg-UnsplashPhoto by Malik Shibly


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